Monday, October 21, 2013

Conference love

 hiya dudes.

oh do i love mondays. reading emails from everyone is the best. sorry ken ken though that you arent feeling well. hopefully that clears up, or you just decide to get those tonsils o-u-t. but really i just hope you get better soon. brev way to rock the halls. that was way cool to see. you are a hoose. what book are you reading now? and ryan i didnt know that you are doing debate. that is really cool. mom and dad, you guys just rock. and kace and benny and dan. i love my family. you are all doing great things and i love to hear about all of them.

wasnt conference amahzing?! i think that i had a lot of favorite talks. the one sessions we heard were the saturday and then sunday morning. i downloaded the others to my flash drive and then we are watching relief society on wednesday with the ward. that will be really good. i loved edward dube's talk and elder menyes. they were both really good. and of course always the prophet and apostles. conference was just all very inspiring, just like president monson said. isnt that cool?! but we had an investigator there for the last session last night. GB is his name. and he loved it. he has been wondering about the prophet so to see him was so good for gb. he said he could tell that the prophet was different. i love that. he noticed the spirit that came from president monson. hopefully gb will make his date.

so our investigators that you can pray for would be gb, jay, carrie-ann.. and a few potentials you could as well.. jade, iram, and lin. less actives would be the dennisons and ellen murray. those would be the main people that you can pray for. thank you so much! i know that will help for sure.
next week we are going to coleville. yay! and i will find out what i can about our family. do you have an address or anything that i could use? more info please? i am sending the photos soon. i got an envelope to send them home so they will be there as soon as i print some out for myself. i dont really know about shoes.. they are falling apart. i just have to find time to get new ones.. maybe soon. football team would be the one i was on this week for ward football. haha i love playing.. and yes i am the only girl. fav elder. well elder call of course! he is great but i think a lot of them are great. i have made some really really good friends so that is awesome! things are good though. i have no real requests for next month. just good stuff i guess.. haha love that. i have been reading jesus the christ. it is big and really hard to understand at times. but i do love it! i just want to learn more and more about the savior. he is our ultimate example. and i want to learn more of him.

well guys. i love this work. i just want to work hard and i want you to as well to find people to teach and bring into the gospel. its an amazing work. take things that you learned from conference and apply them today! you all are wonderful and i am so blessed with the best family ever. i love you lots! keeping being the best.

love sister j x

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