Thursday, October 31, 2013

Will she be transferred?

 hiya family who are all official members of the church now.

holy, brevin is baptized now!! that is so awesome! those photos honestly were so great. everyone is so big though, just growing so much. seriously. everyone looks so much older. stop growin guys. no it looked like it was a lot of fun and it sounded even better. sorry that i scare you sometimes with my cardboard cutout. (loved that by the way) please keep it. and put tizfiz face on that. i do miss that dog sometimes. just sometimes though. there is a family we are working with and their dog is the same as tizzy. but bigger i think. brevin, i loved what you said about how you felt like you were doing the right thing. it was definitely the right thing for you to do. baptism is the first step in becoming like our heavenly father and growing closer to him. he wants us to. so we must. keeping always striving to keep those baptismal covenants and work so you can make others in the future. you are a stud. and so cool that ryan could baptize you and that all of those people could be there. i wish i could have been there but i am so pleased that you had a good time. you will have to tell me all about it later. so write it down in a journal. (also have i told you about the boy in our ward who could be brevins twin? daniel grant is 8 and so great! he bore his testimony yesterday and had it written down. he talked about how he use to think that church was a waste of time, but now he loves it.. he is the funniest boy! i loved his testimony.)

so this week i joined you all in being a bit sick. on friday i started to have really bad stomach pains and could barely talk it was so bad. sister rasmussen almost had me go to the a&e but it was late in the evening when we decided that so we chose to wait till morning. it was a bit better so we didnt. but it was ok. we were supposed to have a dinner appointment with the grants but instead they just brought us our dinner. it was so nice. i love that family!! and it was a really good dinner, that i just ate the next day.

really this week was just full of finding and being sick and having interviews with president. it was a pretty average week. except on sunday. sunday was awesome! there are some members in the ward here that are seriously hoosing it up. the grays. they served in madagascar the same time as jon elbakri. but they are really trying to find people to share the gospel with. they had dinner at an indian resturant this week and were able to talk with their waitress about the church. and she ended up coming yesterday with her friend. they are both 16 years old and the sweetest girls! they are both muslium but interested in coming to young womens and church. i loved getting to sit with them in young womens and share the book of mormon with them. so cool. being in this area has really made me realize the importance of members in missionary work. we need members to help us find people to teach. they are the key. and some of our members are just doing great!!

we will find out tonight about transfers. i have felt like i will stay, besides these last few days. i dont know. prob i will stay. we will see.

i hope that you all are feeling ok and no one is too sick. you all sound so great and look even better. i love you all and i miss you, but i am so glad for this opportunity. it is a great one and i am learning so much. there is much to do in england. and everywhere really. (e had another missionary get home in this ward and he served in russia. they fact that this ward has so many missionaries out shows how ready they are.) keep sharing the gospel and being great examples! i love you. lots.

love, sister j xx

Halloween yum!


Monday, October 21, 2013

Indian is the new Chinese

 yoyo fa.mily.

well this week went by quite fast. and it was a good one. monday we were able to go to coleville and ravenstone which was really cool. feeling the spirit of elijah there. we tried to find grovestones.. and tried to get into the chapel, but no one would answer their phones or doors for us to get in. but we saw some cool sites. another really cool thing we did this week was a mission activity to a place called gadfield elm chapel. it is the oldest working chapel in the world for our church. we also went to a place called benbow farm. where wilford woodruff baptized over a thousand people during his time in england. it was really neat to hear the stories from president and remember our heritage. it was fun to see everyone and learn of the miracles happening in the mission. but you will have to research those places and find out more about them. they are really cool.

we had a cool experience this week after we got a hq referral. it was in hinckley and we were not able to get ahold of them by phone. so we went to try by their home, hoping that they were in. the referral was not there, but her husband was their. they are from india. and he told us to try by again on saturday. so we went back later in the week to talk with her. she was so very nice and said that she was really wondering about the book of mormon. she is christian and wants to know about the differences between the bible and the book of mormon. we were able to teach her a bit about the church and the book of mormon. she wasnt really interested in having us come and teach her but we were able to give her a book and she was so excited. she almost started reading it right their on the doorstep. sometimes it can be really hard when you work to share the gospel with people who you know are so prepared, but they want to learn themselves.. but her excitment gave us hope and we are excited to see what happens in the future. her name is jincy.

another miracle this week took place while we were tracting. we had knocked the street, and one final door where no one was home. i was ready to go to the next street but s bornemann wanted to do the next one. we knocked and no one came.. as we were walking away there was a voice from an upstairs window saying they would be right down. a middle-aged woman opened the door and we began talking with her. she said that she has great faith and told us of many hard experiences that she has had in her life. we talked for awhile and cried together. she is incredible. we also were able to share a book of mormon with her, and while we were not able to set up a solid return appointment, she said she would read the book of mormon. kristine is a choice daughter of god and i hope her heart will be softened so she will allow us to share more with her so she can learn more of christ.

we had to ''break-up'' with gb for a few weeks. he is going in circles and not progressing. everything is up to him now because we have taught all that we can. hopefully he will receive his answers soon. same with carrieann. she just isnt too interested. maybe later on. and jay.. we hardly see her. she is pretty flakey but we have an appointment tomorrow so we will see. but we saw a less active this week that we have never met. susan robinson. she is great. and said that she will come out in a few weeks when she is off work. love her.

it sounds like you all had a really fun week together. i am sad that i couldnt be there, but i know that you all had so much fun together. hopefully getting back into school isnt too bad. thanks for all or your cute letters and jokes. i love my family. and the photos. i love seeing you all. and thanks for the ensigns and such. i got them so fast and loved them. sister bornemann and i have been reading them already. and brevs picture is sooo cool!!

yes. it rains. like all the time. and my shoes have holes in them so my feet get soaked. a car.. would be so nice. but i think they call you and tell you to work on your license before you actually get in the car. transfers are the 30. i bet we will both stay. man i am so so so excited for the baptism!!! i wish i could be there. just make sure you remember those covenants brevin. they are so so important. and you will have them for the rest of your life. it isnt just a day thing. keep strong!! i would just love letters from you all for the half way. i love love getting letters and hearing from you all. just that and maybe some money instead. i just need warmer clothes. i am so glad you got the photo cards! maybe if they could just be sent back the next time you send a package? sister b talks about wanting american sweets sometimes. so maybe that?

things are good though. we are working to find new people to teach more and more. it is rough, especailly through the rain. no one wants to stop. but it will be ok. love you all so much. thanks for your love and support. have a great week and a great baptism!! love you kids!:)

sister j

vegetarian dinner

sister j in coleville

sister curtis sister j and sister b


When the rain came down

 hey you kids.

well this week.. it rained. and rained. and rained a little bit more. oh and it was a bit cold. my shoes still havent dried out. but hey, at least we arent roasting anymore.

whoa it seems like brevin had a super great birthday. dude HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! now you are 8. isnt that so so cool? i cant believe it. you are getting so big. can you send me one of those cute baptism announcements? those are great. and whoever did the photos, they look awesome. my brother is a stud. and you had a wizard birthday party. that sounds really cool. did you talk in british accents the whole time? that would be cool. i wish i could have seen it though. thats sweet.

 lets see. today we are going to coalville and ravenstone. i am excited to see where my family come from. it is going to be really cool. i will take some photos to send to you all next week. sorry i forgot my cord this week to send some. thank you so much for praying for our investigators. pray especially for GB. he is needing some serious prayers right now. but he is doing well. i sent the cards and a letter/ the testimony for brevins poster last week. so it should be getting there soon. sorry it took ages.

sister bornemann is doing really well. still trying to get adjusted into the missionary lifestyle, because it takes a bit.. but she is great. we are having fun and she is teaching me lots of danish. even danish christmas songs. its sweet! and feeding me danish sweets.. that taste like salt and black licorice. yum.. and she feeds me fake meat. (since she is a vegetarian) its not to bad actually. i do have a few pen pals that the kids could right. one family in our ward, the grants, have a son that is eight that reminds me sooo much of brevin. and a little girl that is 13 that mckenna could be friends with. they are great. and ryan, sarah jones in my ward.. man she is cute. did you want to write to her? haha! favorite sisters.. i love all of them. there are some that i would love to serve with!!

we didnt get to hear all of conference, but most of it. we have the last session that we can listen to but we just need to find the time. hopefully soon. i love conference. it is a time of inspiration and learning. i loved when president monson said that it was the most inspiring conference he had ever been to.

so today i was reading 1 nephi 4 and about the army of helaman, in accordance with obedience. because that is something i am always striving to do.. be more obedient. and i noticed, nephi is so very nervous to follow the direction of the spirit. he is afraid to kill laban because he has never killed anyone before. but he knows that the lord doesnt command us to do anything unless it is good. so he does it. and look what come out of it. the same with the army of helaman. they know that they have to be obedient to the lord, as well as to the things that their parents have told them.. beacuse that is where the best outcome will come. from being obedient. we have so many things that they lord asks of us, and at times they can be really scary to do.. but we MUST do them. we wouldnt want to hinder any blessings or growth because of disobedience. keep the commandments. just do it. (nike)

well i hope that you all have a great great week. and a fun break from school. do something fun and dont forget to practice your british accents. those are important for when we come back. but really no one sounds like harry potter over here.. only me. i love you all and am so grateful for your prayers and love and support. thank you for all that you do for me. you are incredible. i know that and the lord knows that. he needs, you. we are on his side.

love you kids.

love, sister j xx

Conference love

 hiya dudes.

oh do i love mondays. reading emails from everyone is the best. sorry ken ken though that you arent feeling well. hopefully that clears up, or you just decide to get those tonsils o-u-t. but really i just hope you get better soon. brev way to rock the halls. that was way cool to see. you are a hoose. what book are you reading now? and ryan i didnt know that you are doing debate. that is really cool. mom and dad, you guys just rock. and kace and benny and dan. i love my family. you are all doing great things and i love to hear about all of them.

wasnt conference amahzing?! i think that i had a lot of favorite talks. the one sessions we heard were the saturday and then sunday morning. i downloaded the others to my flash drive and then we are watching relief society on wednesday with the ward. that will be really good. i loved edward dube's talk and elder menyes. they were both really good. and of course always the prophet and apostles. conference was just all very inspiring, just like president monson said. isnt that cool?! but we had an investigator there for the last session last night. GB is his name. and he loved it. he has been wondering about the prophet so to see him was so good for gb. he said he could tell that the prophet was different. i love that. he noticed the spirit that came from president monson. hopefully gb will make his date.

so our investigators that you can pray for would be gb, jay, carrie-ann.. and a few potentials you could as well.. jade, iram, and lin. less actives would be the dennisons and ellen murray. those would be the main people that you can pray for. thank you so much! i know that will help for sure.
next week we are going to coleville. yay! and i will find out what i can about our family. do you have an address or anything that i could use? more info please? i am sending the photos soon. i got an envelope to send them home so they will be there as soon as i print some out for myself. i dont really know about shoes.. they are falling apart. i just have to find time to get new ones.. maybe soon. football team would be the one i was on this week for ward football. haha i love playing.. and yes i am the only girl. fav elder. well elder call of course! he is great but i think a lot of them are great. i have made some really really good friends so that is awesome! things are good though. i have no real requests for next month. just good stuff i guess.. haha love that. i have been reading jesus the christ. it is big and really hard to understand at times. but i do love it! i just want to learn more and more about the savior. he is our ultimate example. and i want to learn more of him.

well guys. i love this work. i just want to work hard and i want you to as well to find people to teach and bring into the gospel. its an amazing work. take things that you learned from conference and apply them today! you all are wonderful and i am so blessed with the best family ever. i love you lots! keeping being the best.

love sister j x

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sitting in a puddle of dirty water

 yoyo homedogs.

it sounds like you all are doing great. just being the best. first off.. wow i am so impressed with my younger siblings. they are hooses. brev being in the friend. i definitely need a copy of that. can i get a whoop whoop? mac being the best vball player around. thats awesome! and ryan going to the temple every week. does he just go by himself? i think that is sweet. i wish i could be his friend. and macs friend. and brevs friend. oh i get something even better.. to be their sister!! and it sounds like dad and gpa had a fun alaska trip. the photos slash videos were really cool. next year when you go can i join? (who needs school anyway right?) brevin. i cant believe that you are going to be baptized soon! what day are you going for? and ryan gets to baptize you. that is so sweet. you will send me photos right? and if you wanted to have a cut-out of my face there.. haha that would be fine. but i am glad that everything is going well for you guys. keep being the best and praying and reading. you are great examples to all. everyone that i know is.

this week in nuneaton was about as good as sitting in a puddle of dirty water. haha we had nine lessons fall through and had to drop an investigator because he was just not progressing at all. he kept canceling appointments and not coming to church. so we will see what happens there. there were some highlights throughout the week though. here is the highlight real: we found a chinese lady with two kids. she could barely understand us but gave us her contact information anyway. (it just proves how prepared the chinese are. when china opens up completely for missionary work.. man it will explode.) we had dinner yesterday with a really cool family, the withingtons. the dad just ran the wales iron man a couple weeks ago. and the mom is running the london marathon next april. they are like the o'verys. its way cool!! ok and yesterday was great. one of our investigators, GB, has not been able to come to church because he works on a sunday.. but yesterday he came for sacrament meeting. everyone was so glad to see him and he loved it as well. it was the best! then we had a lesson with him last night at a members home that went really well. he had a lot of questions about family history work because of the fast and testimony meeting. but it was awesome! we also had a random woman show up at church yesterday that we dont think is a member and we couldnt really understand her. but she came into the class that sister bornemann and i were teaching. and as she was talking at first i was getting a bit annoyed.. but then i had an overwhelming feeling of love come over me for that woman. she is a daughter of heavenly father. just as we all are. she is special and he loves her just as much as he loves all of us. after that i could understand her a bit better and know how to help her. i know that as we really work to love everyone that is when we will grow. the lord has commanded that we love everyone. it is not a big task. but something that we all can do a bit better. i want to challenge you all to find someone that you can love a bit more this week. will you do that? ok great! i promise that you will feel the holy ghost more in your lives and find so many more people to love.

so also i am learning danish. i had a notebook that i have s bornemann write down different sayings in danish and then i write what it means and how to say it. haha i tried to read her book of mormon the other day.. yeah it was too tough for me. i just sounded like an idiot. and she gives me danish sweets... they are basically black licorice with salt. i gagged a little bit. she thought it was hilarious. she needs to try american sweets. like sweddish fish, peachy penguines, sour watermelon, candy corn, chocolate licorice, pb m and ms, things like that. maybe we can find some over here. they do have lucky charms here.. but for 5 pounds.

i didnt end up getting the hoodie because they arent for sure doing them yet.. hopefully soon. i have heard that halloween is getting a bit bigger over here, but they all dress up more scary then anything. we have seen a few decorations. i will send the photo card so so soon. sorry sorry. its starting to get cold and i am bummed because i left my coat in lincoln. hopefully i can either get it back or have to get a new coat. we will see. and my shoes are falling apart. but i love them and i dont really want to get new ones. sister bornemann may make me get new ones today though.. the ward is good. we are trying to work with them to find more people to teach.. aka their friends. but its a very slow work. we are trying some new things though. and being patient. i would love to serve in wales. on the coast. milford haven actually. but in a car would be the best. haha we will see though. i would love to serve in wales.

we are doing good though. just working hard, especially this next week, to find new people to teach. this area is hard to find people in so us and the elders are just trying to do our best. talk with everyone. find teach and baptize. thank you for your support and sacrifice and love. you all are doing wonderful things and i am so grateful for the family and friends that i have been blessed with. you can change lives with your examples.. so keep it up. i love you all so much and hope that you have a great week. keep on keeping on.

love you.
sister egbert xx

New companion

 heyya fam.

well yes. i am still in nuneaton. and it is great. my new companion is named sister bornemann and no she is not from utah. she is from... denmark. another european companion. and i love her. she is 20 and has two sisters and a brother. she can speak danish and is teaching me a little bit. the coolest thing is that her uncle served here in nuneaton about 16 years ago and a lot of people remember him! thats cool. she is great though. i would say one of my favorite companions so far. we get along really well and she is so funny. but yeah. loving that.

nuneaton is still good. we had transfers this week and it was so fun to be able to see everyone at the mission home. elder call and all my old friends and new friends. i love mission friends. you know those are the ones that are going to last for a long while. because you are going through the same thing as each of them. at the same time. and everyone was so nice and kept telling sister bornemann how great i am. except i am not that big of a deal. it surprised me how many people said it though. i felt blessed. its also really crazy because i am now one of the longest out sisters in the mission. its crazy. but cool. there are so many missionaries in our mission. 280.

so this week we had a pretty cool miracle. we were tracting on saturday. late. and no one wants to talk to you really ever if you knock on their door, but especailly if it late at night. so we stopped that because it was not one bit successful. so we started calling some potentials and formers. and we got a return appointment with a former.. and she came to church yesterday. that was awesome! she was really nervous but eventually settled in and was really excited to be there. she is great. and we are really working with our other investigators to help them progress towards their baptismal dates. its going good. i love that the Lord knows eacho of us. he is excited and willing to help us. as long as we are obedient.

i do love missionary work. finding is for sure the hardest thing in this area but we are hopeing to do some good finding this week and find new investigators. s bornemann is excited to work hard and we are going for it.

thank you for all that you do for me. i love you all so so much. i have the best family eva. keep working hard and keeping in mind the Lord at all times. He loves you and i love you. have a great week. i am excited to hear more and see more great photos!

love, sister j xx

Sister J and Sister D

with Sister Rasmussen

Sister J and cousin Elder Call