Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 2 in Nuneaton

 hiya family.

so good. every week. i honestly love p days and they seem to come so quickly.

week two in nuneaton was really good. we did finding, teaching, football playing, and laughing. it is really good. before i forget i will answer the questions. sorry i am rubbish at answering them sometimes.
i love my  new comp. sister moser. she is so so funny, we are always laughing. she is the middle of eight kids and the first missionary as well. it is her birthday in one week so if you want to send her cards, do that! the area is smaller than lincoln, and we do a lot of walking. not really any biking. i do really miss my bike. loved that thing, even though it was way to big. i miss riding it. the district is huge. 10 missionaries and i love them all. we have the elders here in nuneaton who are great. some elders in warwick and some sisters in chelmseywood. and the zone is the conventry zone. sadly. its not with elder call, but i may see him one of these days. he is in the zone right above me. we arent as close to the mission home as i think we are. it would take maybe half an hour to get there. but since it isnt in our area we wont go there much. just as normal. but we get to see president and sister rasmussen this week so that will be good. i love them. sister rasmussen and i have become such good friends. i was able to talk to e hainey on transfer day. he is being trained by my good friend elder taylor from lincoln. i am so excited. he sounded a bit nervous, like every new missionary. but i am sure that he is doing so good. the area is good though. i havent really gotten to know many families yet, but it is coming along. the ward seems so so good. and i am excited to continue to get to know them. we have a wedding this week so we are excited about that. it is one of the elders investigators who is the getting baptized on saturday. so so cool! we were able to get one of our investigators on a sooner date so that is really exciting! he is super excited and wants to do all he can. so hopefully that will be good! everything though is good. there is always more for me to work on and become better at though. i am working to improve myself everyday. and this is one of the best times for me to grow, as a missionary. this time is preparing me for the rest of my life. mom thanks for the article from deseret news. that was really good i am going to try to print that out so i can have it to read from daily.

it sounds like you all are doing so good though and having so much fun. good luck starting school this week. it will be so good. and you all will just hoose it up. i love that you just let me know how things are going for you guys. i love to hear about the fun that you have and the things that you are doing. and i love getting the photos. the multimedia section of the email is maybe my favorite part. mac dog you are cute to put those instagram photos of me up. i am going to send my cards soon. dont worry. do you want anything from england? also so cool about all of the people that are serving missions! oh mally emailed me this week with a photo of her belly.. nuts. she is the cutest pregnant girl! and she is having a girl. yeah!

haha sometimes i write the most awkward emails sorry.. i just never know what to tell you about. there is so much going on everyday and i just wish that you could all experience it with me. there are things that happen that shock you and things that you just know would happen. there are times when i want to do this for the rest of my life, but times when i cant wait to see you all again. (ok that is everyday) but i have to have more experiences to share with you first. i want you to meet all of these people that i have met because there are friends here that will be my friends for the rest of my life. members, missionaries, investigators. i love it all.

representing jesus christ though is something that we can all do all of the time! we are full time messangers of him gospel and we must share it with everyone. we are all missionaries and have a great work ahead of us. that is the most important duty, to preach the gospel. thank you for all that you guys do. you are my best friends and my best family.. ha and only;) but i am so grateful for the solid support that i have behind me. a family like ours is something that everyone deserves and should have. i want to make it so that everyone can have that! i love you all so much and hope that you have a great week! keep praying and sharing testimony especially with eachother!

love you,
sister jj xx

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