Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sister Egbert & Sister Moser

 hey hey you you.

i never know how to start emails, its kind of awkward i think. it was really good to hear from you guys this week though. you sound good. i am so glad that gma is doing ok. i am a bit worried about her, but i know that the lord will take care of her. give her my love and let her know that i got her email and letter. she is wonderful and i am so grateful to have great grandparents. kiddies you all sound great with school and quidditch club and volleyball. i hope that you are loving it and i hope that you got my letters? i love to get your handwritten letters so yeah.. you can write back;) but just keep being awesome. sometimes i think about what you kids are doing and becoming, and i really miss you. but in know that you are growing and becoming amazing kids and when i can see what you a have become.. itll be amazing. mind blowing. you bless my life. keep reading your scriptures personally everyday and praying. heavenly father wants to hear from you and he loves when you ask for his help. remember that. and that i love you.

we had a pretty average week in nuneaton. i was told i sounded like i was scottish again. (i will go there one day. who wants to come?) had a lot of floggage from our investigators, which was rough. but we did have a really good lesson with our investigator gb. he is indian and hasnt been able to come to church yet because of his work. he works at a pet supply shop that his uncle owns and is the only person that works there. so seven days a week 9 to 9 at the shop. he wants to come to church so badly, but his uncle says that he cannot. we found though that he can come to conference in a couple of weeks so that will be great! anyway everytime that we have him read he reads it from his hini book of mormon and can relay back to us exactly what is going on. he really understands what he is reading and loves learning. and we randomly saw him yesterday as we were biking home through nuneaton. he is cool.

we did get the package dad, thank you so much. you went way way above and beyond what i was hoping for. thank you. sister moser is doing really good. we are really learning from eachother. she teaches me so so much. and i love that. i think that coolest thing about companions is the amount of things that you can learn from eachother. i have found that with each of my companions. they are wonderful. the other missionaries in our district and zone are awesome. we have four elders in our district and two other sisters. and the zone is pretty big. i wish you could meet them all. one of our zone leaders is from the netherlands and is a star vball player. is he coming to play for byu when he gets home. and is came out with scott. (who i got to talk to the other day. love that) but yeah. the other missionaries really are so awesome. its fun to become friends with so many different people and to learn about their cultures and lives. friends for life. i think coleville is out of our zone, but i am pretty sure if i asked the assitants it would be ok for us to go there on a p day. that would be cool. that info was really awesome. you could definitley get me an address and i can see if i can get there. i would love that.

this week i had a few ideas as i was studying about study and from the ensign. i think that we should come up with a family mission statement. we could put it up as a sticker in the house or something cute? i also was thinking about family scripture study and how i really want to have a study that we do together each sunday. me here and you there? and i just want the kids to prepare as best as they can to serve missions. i know how important it is for the youth to prepare early. the lord needs and expects the best of the best. let me know what you think of those ideas.

i have loved the things i have been able to learn this week. as hard of a week as it was, i learned a lot of good lessons. and found a lot of things that i want to work on and become better at. heavenly father has a lot for me to do and i want to help him as best as i can. he loves us and has blessed us with knowledge that we cannot and will not receive anywhere else. we must turn to him and let him help us as we help  him.

i love you all so much and am so grateful for the love and support that you give me. i miss you, but know that this is where the lord would have me be. i have figuring out my purpose as a missionary everyday, and am working to fulfill it. thank you thank you. we are so blessed.

love you kids,
sister egbert xx


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