Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hello duck!

 hi duck. (every old person here either calls us duck or bab. gotta love it.)

happy birthday to ken ken and benji!!!

how are you guys? mom i love hearing about everyone individually like you have been sending lately. that honestly is the best things. i love to see how everyone is doing and what they are up to. it sounds like you all are having a great time. and starting school. how is it kids? brev, stick it out. you only have 16 or so year left of school. you can do it!! and mac dog. what the babe. you look what too old in those pictures, but so pretty. how tall are you now? wearing my clothes too? weird. ry love the fanny pack. so much. i wish i could be in high school right now so that we could be friends. you honestly are the best. can we be bffs? mom and dad you sound like you are doing good as well. hopefully gma jo is doing ok. its good to hear all of the fb stuff as well. crazy crazy stuff is happening, but i am so excited for everyone. gotta love that. keep me updated on the dodge. the multimedia this week was so good. i loved it!! oh and i got a package from kace and russel and julie this week. tell them thank you so much and that i will write to them soon. i love my family. i am so so blessed.

alright this week. two major happenings. one. we were biking the other day while it was raining and we passed a skate park. i decided that i wanted to go over a jump or two. the first one was not to bad, but the second one was much too steep for my bike. the front tire slipped and there i went, over the handlebars. i cut up my hand and my knee. haha but it wasnt too bad. just really funny. there were some little boys there that asked to get out of their way while i was on the ground. two. sister moser and i cut my hair this week. just chopped it off. it actually doesnt look that bad. i cut it and then she made sure it was even. we make a good team.

sister mckenna moser is so great. she is a lot like dani personality wise and i love it. we get along so well. she is from ogden and a fmaily of 8 kids. she has nannied and worked at a grocery store. she just had her 21st birthday yesterday. but really she is great. and she just loves everyone. the ward, investigators, and random people. that is something that i am able to be learning from her. how to love people. that is something that she rocks at! you would love her.

nuneaton is a great area. much smaller and closer together than lincoln. but it is really good. the ward is great and there are qutie a few families here. its a bit more posh than lincoln as well. our investigators are cool as well. we have two on dates. GB and James. and we were blessed to find two new investigators this week as well. we were playing football one night with the ward and two ladies came up to the chapel. they were interested in what we believed and did. we invited them to church and taught the daughter a lesson as well the next day. they are so cool. the other new investigator is actually our neighbor. and she knows some members. its sweet to find new people to teach. one day we will just receive all of our investigators through members, because that is how is should be, right? so keep trying to find people for the missionaries. they love it!

i would love that info about leicester. if we can get there, which we should be able to, that would be so cool to find out and see where my ancestors are from. thanks.

the fact that i have less than a year is absolutely nuts. i mean i am really excited to see you all again and start school and what not. but it is so weird. today i was actually thinking about not having a companion with me all of the time.. that was the weirdest thought. being alone. i dont know how that will be. haha sometimes it feels like i have only ever been a missionary, but at other times it feels like i was just there.. playing just dance, hiking, watching dispicable me, and just being with you all. but i wouldnt give up this time for anything. yes it can be hard to be away from family and friends. really hard. but these new people that i have met, and the expereinces that i am having are priceless. i have 11 more months to serve, and a lifetime to think about it. i better get working.

this work is for everyone. not just those of us with badges. we are priviledge to wear the badge, but you have them on your hearts. we are ALL enlisted. i guess that is something that i have really learned. members are so important in this work and i want to do all i can as a member and a missionary to further the cause. i feel like i have learned so much this week and desire to learn so much more. thank you so much for all that you do for me. you do so much and i am beyond blessed to have you all. thank you for your prayers and love. keep praying for the work please. you are in my prayers daily and i love you all so much! cheers for everything. really.

we can do hard things.

sister j xx

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