Monday, September 16, 2013

Great week!!

 hiya family.

ok first off. the multimedia for this week was GREAT!! i did love it so much. ryan and brevin have deeper voices. and man everyone looks the same, but also so different. its nuts. but you all look so well and i loved hearing your voices and seeing your faces. like brevin said, christmas will be awesome and we can skype together. we made a conference slash christmas countdown chain this week so we are well excited about that.

imma send the photo cards soon. i have almost filled up two, so i will dont worry. im a bit nervous to, but i will do it dont worry. they are pretty funny a lot of them. i hear from the mulliss family every week via email. and heather called me the other day. she and the kids sent grandma a package. they are great. sister moser is doing so good. we have so much fun together and just loving life. we are a bit sad for transfers this week but have loved being companions. thanks so much for the chips ahoy.. we loved that!! real cookies!! the youth have seminary at the chapel in early morning. i am so grateful that i could have it during school. we are very blessed. i am ready for winter actually. it will be really good. it has started to cool down here. back to wearing the windbreakers! i left my coat in lincoln because of space.. so i might need to get a new one soon. itll have to keep another sister warm this winter. the best food in nuneaton.. would have to be our mac and cheese that we eat just about everyday. love that. and i made some rice chicken tacos the other day. they werent as good as moms. but they were pretty good. everyone feeds us curry. well two of our investigators. and i do not really like curry. its not my fave. i miss mexican food. so we make our own sometimes.

well we had quite a better week that last week. we taught a few more lessons. our investigator GB is a hoose. we taught him the law of chastity and he went off on a ten or fifteen minute lesson teaching me all about true love. he was saying that if someon will drink poison for you.. then its true love. it was the best! and we saw the dennisons again this week which was awesome! they are great. we had a lesson about samuel the lamanite and the kids all read from the book of mormon. and we had the mom talk about prophets. it was great. i love that family.

so we have some members here that drive us to church each week. and they have a cool map in their back seat. i have become a lover of maps and dictionaries now. i think that i just crave that knowledge. so brother brown bought me my own little map of this area. i studied it a bit last night. haha im a nerd. s moser and i have also come up with this game that we play. we walk by a lot of people who are on the phone. we will hear part of their conversation and then continue it as if it was our own.. in a british accent. its the funniest thing. well we think that we are pretty funny. funniest in the mission. thats for sure!!

well i dont have loads of time today because we went to a place called kennilworth as a district for pday. thats one why i am emailing late, and two why i cant really email the girls. sorry guys! i love you and will write you good ones next week. thanks for all of the love and support that you give to me. i am very blessed.

i know that this church is true. sometimes we may wonder and question, but as long as we put our trust in god and allow him to help us.. we will know. he will answer our prayers. i know that. i feel so blessed to be able to serve a mission at this time. there are a lot of cool things happening in the church right now and i love that i can be a part of this wave. we are examples in all that we do. be a good one.

love you lots.
sister egbert

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