Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Good week in Nuneaton

Sister J with her district

got an exercise ball

Chinese name tag

tiny little frog
 hiya fam.

well this week was a good one. nothing too exciting happened. but it was good. we were able to do quite a bit of service this week for a member and a charity shop. that is pretty fun. i got to mow a lawn and chatch baby frogs. and we lifted some shelved up stairs. that was some good exercise.

oh one of the best things that happened this week happened on friday. we went around to see a less active family, the dennisons. they have three kids. ruben is 11, ethan is 9, and tabitha is 8. those kids honestly are so funny and wild at times. the parents are also wonderful. we were able to have a really good chat with them and get to know them better. they are a great family. and i now have a goal to get them returning. the kids arent baptized, but they all live a church life. they keep the commandments and are so happy.

we also were able to help at a wedding that was going on in the ward. it was for a mother and daughter. two for one. the daughter had gotten married in american two weeks ago so hers wasnt a legit wedding, but the mom was getting remarried to her exhusband. it was a beautiful day. but something that did stick out to me, was when the bishop said ''till death do you part.'' that struck me and i knew that it wasnt right. we as members have the knowledge that we can be sealed as a family for time and all eternity. that is such a blessing. i am so grateful for that. i wont settle for anything less than a temple marriage, because until death just isnt enough. thank you mom and dad for your example of an exemplary marriage and family. i am so grateful for that!

we came home one day this week to find our bathroom slightly flooded. the lady that lives in the flat above us had left the tap running in the bathroom and it flooded into our flat and the one below us. it has smelled in there for days now but it is finally dry and getting better. that was quite the day though.

its been good in nuneaton as i have been able to get to know the ward members a bit better. they are wonderful people and we can learn so much from them. they are so willing to serve us as we work and i love them all. keep helping the missionaries at home.

sorry there isnt a ton of time today, but i love you all and want you to know that i have a testimony of this gospel. it is such a blessing that we have. sister moser finished the book of mormon today and we talked a bit about how true it is. it is an incredible book and we are so blessed to have the knowledge that we have. than kyou for raising me in this gospel and giving me the opportunities that i have had. i am so blessed to be serving and am already forever grateful for the things i have learned so far. i hope that i can continue to learn more and more.

love you all.

love, sister egbert. xx

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