Monday, September 16, 2013

Great week!!

 hiya family.

ok first off. the multimedia for this week was GREAT!! i did love it so much. ryan and brevin have deeper voices. and man everyone looks the same, but also so different. its nuts. but you all look so well and i loved hearing your voices and seeing your faces. like brevin said, christmas will be awesome and we can skype together. we made a conference slash christmas countdown chain this week so we are well excited about that.

imma send the photo cards soon. i have almost filled up two, so i will dont worry. im a bit nervous to, but i will do it dont worry. they are pretty funny a lot of them. i hear from the mulliss family every week via email. and heather called me the other day. she and the kids sent grandma a package. they are great. sister moser is doing so good. we have so much fun together and just loving life. we are a bit sad for transfers this week but have loved being companions. thanks so much for the chips ahoy.. we loved that!! real cookies!! the youth have seminary at the chapel in early morning. i am so grateful that i could have it during school. we are very blessed. i am ready for winter actually. it will be really good. it has started to cool down here. back to wearing the windbreakers! i left my coat in lincoln because of space.. so i might need to get a new one soon. itll have to keep another sister warm this winter. the best food in nuneaton.. would have to be our mac and cheese that we eat just about everyday. love that. and i made some rice chicken tacos the other day. they werent as good as moms. but they were pretty good. everyone feeds us curry. well two of our investigators. and i do not really like curry. its not my fave. i miss mexican food. so we make our own sometimes.

well we had quite a better week that last week. we taught a few more lessons. our investigator GB is a hoose. we taught him the law of chastity and he went off on a ten or fifteen minute lesson teaching me all about true love. he was saying that if someon will drink poison for you.. then its true love. it was the best! and we saw the dennisons again this week which was awesome! they are great. we had a lesson about samuel the lamanite and the kids all read from the book of mormon. and we had the mom talk about prophets. it was great. i love that family.

so we have some members here that drive us to church each week. and they have a cool map in their back seat. i have become a lover of maps and dictionaries now. i think that i just crave that knowledge. so brother brown bought me my own little map of this area. i studied it a bit last night. haha im a nerd. s moser and i have also come up with this game that we play. we walk by a lot of people who are on the phone. we will hear part of their conversation and then continue it as if it was our own.. in a british accent. its the funniest thing. well we think that we are pretty funny. funniest in the mission. thats for sure!!

well i dont have loads of time today because we went to a place called kennilworth as a district for pday. thats one why i am emailing late, and two why i cant really email the girls. sorry guys! i love you and will write you good ones next week. thanks for all of the love and support that you give to me. i am very blessed.

i know that this church is true. sometimes we may wonder and question, but as long as we put our trust in god and allow him to help us.. we will know. he will answer our prayers. i know that. i feel so blessed to be able to serve a mission at this time. there are a lot of cool things happening in the church right now and i love that i can be a part of this wave. we are examples in all that we do. be a good one.

love you lots.
sister egbert

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sister Egbert & Sister Moser

 hey hey you you.

i never know how to start emails, its kind of awkward i think. it was really good to hear from you guys this week though. you sound good. i am so glad that gma is doing ok. i am a bit worried about her, but i know that the lord will take care of her. give her my love and let her know that i got her email and letter. she is wonderful and i am so grateful to have great grandparents. kiddies you all sound great with school and quidditch club and volleyball. i hope that you are loving it and i hope that you got my letters? i love to get your handwritten letters so yeah.. you can write back;) but just keep being awesome. sometimes i think about what you kids are doing and becoming, and i really miss you. but in know that you are growing and becoming amazing kids and when i can see what you a have become.. itll be amazing. mind blowing. you bless my life. keep reading your scriptures personally everyday and praying. heavenly father wants to hear from you and he loves when you ask for his help. remember that. and that i love you.

we had a pretty average week in nuneaton. i was told i sounded like i was scottish again. (i will go there one day. who wants to come?) had a lot of floggage from our investigators, which was rough. but we did have a really good lesson with our investigator gb. he is indian and hasnt been able to come to church yet because of his work. he works at a pet supply shop that his uncle owns and is the only person that works there. so seven days a week 9 to 9 at the shop. he wants to come to church so badly, but his uncle says that he cannot. we found though that he can come to conference in a couple of weeks so that will be great! anyway everytime that we have him read he reads it from his hini book of mormon and can relay back to us exactly what is going on. he really understands what he is reading and loves learning. and we randomly saw him yesterday as we were biking home through nuneaton. he is cool.

we did get the package dad, thank you so much. you went way way above and beyond what i was hoping for. thank you. sister moser is doing really good. we are really learning from eachother. she teaches me so so much. and i love that. i think that coolest thing about companions is the amount of things that you can learn from eachother. i have found that with each of my companions. they are wonderful. the other missionaries in our district and zone are awesome. we have four elders in our district and two other sisters. and the zone is pretty big. i wish you could meet them all. one of our zone leaders is from the netherlands and is a star vball player. is he coming to play for byu when he gets home. and is came out with scott. (who i got to talk to the other day. love that) but yeah. the other missionaries really are so awesome. its fun to become friends with so many different people and to learn about their cultures and lives. friends for life. i think coleville is out of our zone, but i am pretty sure if i asked the assitants it would be ok for us to go there on a p day. that would be cool. that info was really awesome. you could definitley get me an address and i can see if i can get there. i would love that.

this week i had a few ideas as i was studying about study and from the ensign. i think that we should come up with a family mission statement. we could put it up as a sticker in the house or something cute? i also was thinking about family scripture study and how i really want to have a study that we do together each sunday. me here and you there? and i just want the kids to prepare as best as they can to serve missions. i know how important it is for the youth to prepare early. the lord needs and expects the best of the best. let me know what you think of those ideas.

i have loved the things i have been able to learn this week. as hard of a week as it was, i learned a lot of good lessons. and found a lot of things that i want to work on and become better at. heavenly father has a lot for me to do and i want to help him as best as i can. he loves us and has blessed us with knowledge that we cannot and will not receive anywhere else. we must turn to him and let him help us as we help  him.

i love you all so much and am so grateful for the love and support that you give me. i miss you, but know that this is where the lord would have me be. i have figuring out my purpose as a missionary everyday, and am working to fulfill it. thank you thank you. we are so blessed.

love you kids,
sister egbert xx


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Good week in Nuneaton

Sister J with her district

got an exercise ball

Chinese name tag

tiny little frog
 hiya fam.

well this week was a good one. nothing too exciting happened. but it was good. we were able to do quite a bit of service this week for a member and a charity shop. that is pretty fun. i got to mow a lawn and chatch baby frogs. and we lifted some shelved up stairs. that was some good exercise.

oh one of the best things that happened this week happened on friday. we went around to see a less active family, the dennisons. they have three kids. ruben is 11, ethan is 9, and tabitha is 8. those kids honestly are so funny and wild at times. the parents are also wonderful. we were able to have a really good chat with them and get to know them better. they are a great family. and i now have a goal to get them returning. the kids arent baptized, but they all live a church life. they keep the commandments and are so happy.

we also were able to help at a wedding that was going on in the ward. it was for a mother and daughter. two for one. the daughter had gotten married in american two weeks ago so hers wasnt a legit wedding, but the mom was getting remarried to her exhusband. it was a beautiful day. but something that did stick out to me, was when the bishop said ''till death do you part.'' that struck me and i knew that it wasnt right. we as members have the knowledge that we can be sealed as a family for time and all eternity. that is such a blessing. i am so grateful for that. i wont settle for anything less than a temple marriage, because until death just isnt enough. thank you mom and dad for your example of an exemplary marriage and family. i am so grateful for that!

we came home one day this week to find our bathroom slightly flooded. the lady that lives in the flat above us had left the tap running in the bathroom and it flooded into our flat and the one below us. it has smelled in there for days now but it is finally dry and getting better. that was quite the day though.

its been good in nuneaton as i have been able to get to know the ward members a bit better. they are wonderful people and we can learn so much from them. they are so willing to serve us as we work and i love them all. keep helping the missionaries at home.

sorry there isnt a ton of time today, but i love you all and want you to know that i have a testimony of this gospel. it is such a blessing that we have. sister moser finished the book of mormon today and we talked a bit about how true it is. it is an incredible book and we are so blessed to have the knowledge that we have. than kyou for raising me in this gospel and giving me the opportunities that i have had. i am so blessed to be serving and am already forever grateful for the things i have learned so far. i hope that i can continue to learn more and more.

love you all.

love, sister egbert. xx

Hello duck!

 hi duck. (every old person here either calls us duck or bab. gotta love it.)

happy birthday to ken ken and benji!!!

how are you guys? mom i love hearing about everyone individually like you have been sending lately. that honestly is the best things. i love to see how everyone is doing and what they are up to. it sounds like you all are having a great time. and starting school. how is it kids? brev, stick it out. you only have 16 or so year left of school. you can do it!! and mac dog. what the babe. you look what too old in those pictures, but so pretty. how tall are you now? wearing my clothes too? weird. ry love the fanny pack. so much. i wish i could be in high school right now so that we could be friends. you honestly are the best. can we be bffs? mom and dad you sound like you are doing good as well. hopefully gma jo is doing ok. its good to hear all of the fb stuff as well. crazy crazy stuff is happening, but i am so excited for everyone. gotta love that. keep me updated on the dodge. the multimedia this week was so good. i loved it!! oh and i got a package from kace and russel and julie this week. tell them thank you so much and that i will write to them soon. i love my family. i am so so blessed.

alright this week. two major happenings. one. we were biking the other day while it was raining and we passed a skate park. i decided that i wanted to go over a jump or two. the first one was not to bad, but the second one was much too steep for my bike. the front tire slipped and there i went, over the handlebars. i cut up my hand and my knee. haha but it wasnt too bad. just really funny. there were some little boys there that asked to get out of their way while i was on the ground. two. sister moser and i cut my hair this week. just chopped it off. it actually doesnt look that bad. i cut it and then she made sure it was even. we make a good team.

sister mckenna moser is so great. she is a lot like dani personality wise and i love it. we get along so well. she is from ogden and a fmaily of 8 kids. she has nannied and worked at a grocery store. she just had her 21st birthday yesterday. but really she is great. and she just loves everyone. the ward, investigators, and random people. that is something that i am able to be learning from her. how to love people. that is something that she rocks at! you would love her.

nuneaton is a great area. much smaller and closer together than lincoln. but it is really good. the ward is great and there are qutie a few families here. its a bit more posh than lincoln as well. our investigators are cool as well. we have two on dates. GB and James. and we were blessed to find two new investigators this week as well. we were playing football one night with the ward and two ladies came up to the chapel. they were interested in what we believed and did. we invited them to church and taught the daughter a lesson as well the next day. they are so cool. the other new investigator is actually our neighbor. and she knows some members. its sweet to find new people to teach. one day we will just receive all of our investigators through members, because that is how is should be, right? so keep trying to find people for the missionaries. they love it!

i would love that info about leicester. if we can get there, which we should be able to, that would be so cool to find out and see where my ancestors are from. thanks.

the fact that i have less than a year is absolutely nuts. i mean i am really excited to see you all again and start school and what not. but it is so weird. today i was actually thinking about not having a companion with me all of the time.. that was the weirdest thought. being alone. i dont know how that will be. haha sometimes it feels like i have only ever been a missionary, but at other times it feels like i was just there.. playing just dance, hiking, watching dispicable me, and just being with you all. but i wouldnt give up this time for anything. yes it can be hard to be away from family and friends. really hard. but these new people that i have met, and the expereinces that i am having are priceless. i have 11 more months to serve, and a lifetime to think about it. i better get working.

this work is for everyone. not just those of us with badges. we are priviledge to wear the badge, but you have them on your hearts. we are ALL enlisted. i guess that is something that i have really learned. members are so important in this work and i want to do all i can as a member and a missionary to further the cause. i feel like i have learned so much this week and desire to learn so much more. thank you so much for all that you do for me. you do so much and i am beyond blessed to have you all. thank you for your prayers and love. keep praying for the work please. you are in my prayers daily and i love you all so much! cheers for everything. really.

we can do hard things.

sister j xx

Week 2 in Nuneaton

 hiya family.

so good. every week. i honestly love p days and they seem to come so quickly.

week two in nuneaton was really good. we did finding, teaching, football playing, and laughing. it is really good. before i forget i will answer the questions. sorry i am rubbish at answering them sometimes.
i love my  new comp. sister moser. she is so so funny, we are always laughing. she is the middle of eight kids and the first missionary as well. it is her birthday in one week so if you want to send her cards, do that! the area is smaller than lincoln, and we do a lot of walking. not really any biking. i do really miss my bike. loved that thing, even though it was way to big. i miss riding it. the district is huge. 10 missionaries and i love them all. we have the elders here in nuneaton who are great. some elders in warwick and some sisters in chelmseywood. and the zone is the conventry zone. sadly. its not with elder call, but i may see him one of these days. he is in the zone right above me. we arent as close to the mission home as i think we are. it would take maybe half an hour to get there. but since it isnt in our area we wont go there much. just as normal. but we get to see president and sister rasmussen this week so that will be good. i love them. sister rasmussen and i have become such good friends. i was able to talk to e hainey on transfer day. he is being trained by my good friend elder taylor from lincoln. i am so excited. he sounded a bit nervous, like every new missionary. but i am sure that he is doing so good. the area is good though. i havent really gotten to know many families yet, but it is coming along. the ward seems so so good. and i am excited to continue to get to know them. we have a wedding this week so we are excited about that. it is one of the elders investigators who is the getting baptized on saturday. so so cool! we were able to get one of our investigators on a sooner date so that is really exciting! he is super excited and wants to do all he can. so hopefully that will be good! everything though is good. there is always more for me to work on and become better at though. i am working to improve myself everyday. and this is one of the best times for me to grow, as a missionary. this time is preparing me for the rest of my life. mom thanks for the article from deseret news. that was really good i am going to try to print that out so i can have it to read from daily.

it sounds like you all are doing so good though and having so much fun. good luck starting school this week. it will be so good. and you all will just hoose it up. i love that you just let me know how things are going for you guys. i love to hear about the fun that you have and the things that you are doing. and i love getting the photos. the multimedia section of the email is maybe my favorite part. mac dog you are cute to put those instagram photos of me up. i am going to send my cards soon. dont worry. do you want anything from england? also so cool about all of the people that are serving missions! oh mally emailed me this week with a photo of her belly.. nuts. she is the cutest pregnant girl! and she is having a girl. yeah!

haha sometimes i write the most awkward emails sorry.. i just never know what to tell you about. there is so much going on everyday and i just wish that you could all experience it with me. there are things that happen that shock you and things that you just know would happen. there are times when i want to do this for the rest of my life, but times when i cant wait to see you all again. (ok that is everyday) but i have to have more experiences to share with you first. i want you to meet all of these people that i have met because there are friends here that will be my friends for the rest of my life. members, missionaries, investigators. i love it all.

representing jesus christ though is something that we can all do all of the time! we are full time messangers of him gospel and we must share it with everyone. we are all missionaries and have a great work ahead of us. that is the most important duty, to preach the gospel. thank you for all that you guys do. you are my best friends and my best family.. ha and only;) but i am so grateful for the solid support that i have behind me. a family like ours is something that everyone deserves and should have. i want to make it so that everyone can have that! i love you all so much and hope that you have a great week! keep praying and sharing testimony especially with eachother!

love you,
sister jj xx