Friday, August 16, 2013

Will she be transferred?????

 hey pals.

it sounds like you all are doing so wonderful. i cannot believe that summer is almost over for you guys. it flew by. soon it will be christmas and we can all chat together again. yeah! i am already a third of the way through. isnt that absolutely nuts. i love being a missionary though, you guys it really is the best thing ever. to talk to strangers everyday about this great gospel.. oh its amazing. try being a missionary every day because you never know who you will help.

transfers are this week and we find out tonight what is going to happen. i have really no idea. i could stay, i could go. it would be cool to go somewhere we have fam from. yesterday during fast and testimony meeting i was bearing my testimony and it hit me how much i love all of these people. they are wonderful. i cried a little. especially when heather mulliss bore her testimony. they have become my family and i feel so at home. i am excited to become that close to many other people as well though. there are so many more to meet. i am excited.

ryan good luck this week at tryouts. you will do great. dad what are the containers like for nitro? i am excited about that. cool for mar bear to be baptized already. i love baptisms. they are awesome.

i saw scott this week at zone conference which was awesome. he is doing good. love that kid. we also did teach our chinese investigator this week, tracy. she is awesome. she wrote my name in chinese. i want to learn that so bad. one day i will go to china. and we saw her the day after we taught her, she said she had prayed and that it went well!!! it was so neat. i love when people see the way the gospel can help them.

we were finding on saturday and talked to a girl that looked like natalie portman. she was really cool.. but lives in york. i was able to invtie her to pray and she excitedly said that she would. that was really neat as well.

guys it is so hard to tell you how great it is to be a missionary. it is unlike anything else in the whole world. changing lives and helping others is wonderful. this morning i was studying willingness. and i can across a scripture in 1 corinthians. we have to be willing to do the work of the lord and to do all we can to help him, then we will see success and receive rewards, as we are willing. that is especially important as missionaries and member missionaries. we have to be doing it for the right reason and the right purpose.

oh i am excited for this next week. it will be good. i hope that you all have a wonderful week as well. thank you for your prayers and love. i feel that all the time and i am excited to share more with you. keep reading and praying and learning. i pray for you everyday and love you so much!!

sister j


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