Monday, July 22, 2013

Comfortable in Lincoln

 hey fam.

oh guys. I get so excited to email on Mondays, mostly just to see how you are doing and to hear about your fun experiences that you had during the week. I also love to hear your testimonies and the ways that your lives are being blessed. thank you for sharing those things with me. you are all such blessings in my life. oh and so cool that they are in Ireland this week. they will find much more then they went for. I know that. so exciting.

this week was a pretty slow slash average week in Lincoln. Monday we saw sophie, and she basically dropped us. she said that she doesn't think that she is ready to be baptized. she has a lot of poor outside influences that are leading her different ways. so there is only so much that we can do. she did come to our ward sports night so that was fun, but other than that we didn't see her this week much.
we were able to visit a 18 year old less active this week. she had contacted katy and asked that we bring her a book of Mormon. the only thing is that she lives in the mental hospital. so we went up there earlier last week. when we first got to the hospital I was really nervous. I always get nervous in situations like that.. we all know. but then we saw her and got to chat about her conversion story and just see how she is doing. it was a really neat experience and the spirit was very strong. then she came to church on sunday!!

we were able to do some service for a couple in our ward, the Henley's. they are so awesome! we went to help them pick raspberries at their allotment. that was so fun. we sang hymns with them and then sister Henley made us jam as well! then we have used the raspberries to make green smoothies all week! yum. oh and mom I brought the stand a little taller with me so I can read that again. I love that book. and I always loved how you would read that to us every morning. it was the perfect way to start the day. thank you for doing that for us. you are incredible.

one really neat experience that I want to share with you guys happened Saturday morning. I have been thinking so much about how I want to teach a family and Friday night as I prayed I was talking with heavenly father about that. then Saturday we were doing some finding on a street a mile and a half about from birchwood. we locked our bikes and then decided to walk to the end of the street and then track back. the first door that we knocked a man came out, followed by his 4 kids. I was mind blown. he at first said he didn't believe in god, but his daughter did. I wasn't expecting much from that, but then he seemed really interested. and we got a return appointment with him! I am stoaked!

s Curtis is doing really well. she honestly is the best comp ever. we had a great experience yesterday and I just know that we are going to be friends for the rest of our lives. that is one of the really neat thins about missions. the people you meet. the friendships that you make. they will last forever. love that.

the food is pretty average over here. we had a crazy dinner last night.. because we made it ourselves. it was very missionary though. basically just stuff we had in the cupboards. just saying.

this week we should all study the life of Christ. that is something that I have really been wanting to study and I hope to learn so much more from that. I love my savior and the gifts and knowledge that he has given me. it is so hard when people just don't believe, but the power that comes from bearing solid testimony of the things that you know to be true is unlike anything else. we are blessed to have the knowledge that we do and I challenge you all to share your testimonies this week to a non member. will you do that and then report next week? I love you all so much and hope that you have a fun week. mom and dad have fun in ak and say hello to everyone for me. I would love gandgs ak address. I need to write them. love you loads.

sister j

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