Monday, July 1, 2013

life as an english missionary


oh flip. ryan had his first date this week. how was it bro? you loved it didnt you. that sounds like a really fun date actually. did you drive? and you had to meet her dad. was that scary?;) haha i cant wait for you to take me on my first ex-missionary date. yeah? and have so much fun at efy this week. uvu is such a fun efy, plus you get to stay at natalies. that was so much fun. macdog. i am excited for you to email sophie as well. she is so great. i love that girl and we email every week. if you didnt get one from her.. her email is and i cant wait to get your letter. i miss getting letters from you guys. can we be pen pals? sweet. brevin. you type so fast. so fast. and about girlfriends? you are the best. good luck with portugese. youll rock it though kid.

this week was a pretty good one. i think though that i am turning into mom sometimes because i lose my memory so easily.. haha love you mom;) but we had some good lessons with sophie, transfers, and seeing rachel and ryan. we thought for sure this week e watt was going to leave because he has been here 6 months, but turns out that e battles left. e watt is training here again an elder from south africa. his name is elder human. and he is a really cool kid. we miss e battles and all his jokes but this new guys is awesome!

sophie is doing well. she is set for her baptism on the 14th so we are praying that all goes well there. she needs to make it to church more, so sopefully we can get her there this week. that would be ideal. man i am so excited for her. we had a really neat experience with her this week, one that really touched her heart. she loves to read the book of mormon and always prays about it. and always prays about her baptism. it is the sweetest thing. we love her.

there is a less active i think i told you about, ryan. and his fiance rachel. and their son jackson. they are so cool. we went to see them this week and then will see them again tomorrow. we know that ryan wants us to start to teach her, but doesnt give us much to work with. so we are going to have to pray and work to find how to reach her. but honestly they are the coolest people. i am excited to continue to work with them.

mom i am so glad that you and heather are becoming friends. she did give me a hug from you and that was so great. i am so excited for you to meet them. they are a great family.

i havent gotten the package yet.. hopefully this week.
the work is coming. we have a really good week set up and hope to find a few more investigators this week.
we found a park that we are going to go to today called south park. there are horses and mostly its just a huge hill. we are pumped though.
by the end of august we should have 266 missionaries in our mission. biggest in the uk and europe. sweet right. that means that birmingham is white.
the sisters in our zone photo were half and half. half trainees half trainers. they are all way cool. i know most of them pretty well. and love them all. its fun getting to know so many new people.
i love having meetings with president. he is such a smart guy and cares so much about us. and sister rasmussen is incredible as well.
nope never done a zip line sorry! i wish.

guys. have such a fun week being patriotic and celebrating. i miss america, but england honestly is so wonderful. we are excited for the week and getting to celebrate in our own way. it was no coincidence that joseph smith lived in america. the land of religious freedom in the year 1820. we are so blessed to live where we live and to have the freedoms that we enjoy. it makes me so grateful.

good luck reading your talks this week. i will join you in reading them as well. because you can never have too much ensign right? i would love the june and july ensigns.. thank you so much for all that you guys do for me. i love you and hope that you have a great week!

ministering is not just something that we do- it defines who we are.

sister j 

before elder battles left

with the district

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