Monday, July 8, 2013

a hot week in england!

 hey kids.

whoa. you guys sure had a mega fun week. at the cabin, on the lake, on the zip line, the whole state must have been at your feet. that really is great. i loved seeing the pictures and your bright lovely faces. mac i am so glad that you and sophie are friends. and mom that you and heather are friends. they really are so great. the kids are rowdey sometimes but thats what makes them great. i hope you get to meet them in october. youll love them and brev would love the boys. ryan have fun at efy. i loved uvu. it was so much fun. and one kid that i met there, i think his name was michael walker or something like that.. he was totally on the mtc devotional from a few weeks ago. serving in florida. that was cool. brevin and mac i am excited to get your letters. and ryan did you send yours yet? i love getting letters, no matter how few.. haha any letter is great. i heard from sid christensen this week and an elder that is serving with kyle in canada. random friends. but it is so good to hear from people. love that. i havent gotten the package yet.. hopefully if someone goes to the mission home then soon.. but we will see. i guess the charge was if you dont claim it under 50 us dollars. even if it is more, they say to just write that it is under. ok and so exciting about the andersons! that is awesome, they are going to love it. my friend from the lincoln ward is serving there.

we went to a da last night right after the tennis game and they were watching the trophey ceremony. 77 years since a englishman has won. pretty cool. they said the whole street was nuts right after the game!
transfers are august 7, so just less than a month away.
man it has been soooo hot this week. i mean i am not complaining because its better than the rain, but it is roasting. and no one has ac so we are just roasting and sweating always. but its good.
our stake center is in nottingham. we have our ward and boston and derby along with the 3 nottingham wards.
ry guy, im going to write him a letter. i actually have been thinking of him and doing some things for him for his mish. love that kid and hes getting so tall. how tall now?
it is really tough to measure success. there really is no way to measure it. you just have to try your hardest and hope that you are doing enough. and if not, then do a bit more. that is something that i seem to be doing i guess. i find things really hard and yes i guess i am in between where i was at the beginning and where jake is now. there is so much to do and it is hard to know where to start sometimes. that is what i find the hardest. so i just pray and then work.
next sunday i want you all to study chapter 26 and 29 in alma. those are some of my favorites. ones that i would gladly read over and over again. they are super.
just keep praying for the ward. they are awesome and we have gotten to know a few more families better this week. they are awesome. i love lincoln ward.

this week was a bit stressful with sophie. there are so many people telling her that she is not ready to be baptized, when we know that she is. she is beyond ready and just is mission the confidence to actually do it. we love her though and are just working as hard as we can to prepare her for baptism. it wont be this week again, but hopefully soon.

fast and testimony meeting was awesome though. we have a semi investigator, lewis. he is 16 and dating a girl in the ward. he is in alma and just loves everything about church. but his mom wont let him be baptized until he is 18. he is such a stud though. and he bore his testimony. as soon as he stood up i started to cry. he has a powerful testimony. pray for his mothers heart to be softened. i know he will get baptized before i leave lincoln. and then a la that we have been working with also bore her testimony. she is incredible!! i loved all of sacrament meeting and church. plus there is a sister in our ward that came yesterday from utah! the first american non missionary that i have talked to for 5 months. sweet! haha sister curtis said that during sacrament meeting she felt like we were the city of enoch! it was so good!

well we are going to be working hard this week looking for more investigators and helping sophie prepare better. i am excited to impliment things that i have learned and heard this week. i am always striving to be better and work harder. as the lord asks us to. this week pray for missionary opportunities and i know that you will receive them. work to help the missionaries in your ward because they need members. i love you all and am so grateful for this time that i have to serve the lord. he has done so much for me and this is the least that i can do.. preach his gospel to all of lincoln england!

thank you for all that you do for me and the love that you send my way. i love you.

sister j 

with horse on p day

sister j and sister curtis with a recent convert's daughter

for kelsey parker

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