Monday, June 3, 2013

loving lincoln!

 what's up guys.

it was great to hear from you this week and to hear that ryan had a great birthday and a great first date. he is so tall. I am sad that I missed it, but hey when I get back he can be my first date. and for our date we can go camping in zions for a week? yeah? sweet.

it sounds like you all have loads planned for summer and are excited for all of your fun adventures. wear sunscreen. mom, I was thinking a lot about jeana yesterday and I am so glad that you mentioned her. I want to write to her. could you tell her hello next time and find out her address for me or have her email me. I love her.

so many weddings, but so great. I cant believe cole gets married tomorrow, that will be awesome though. it will be so nice I am sure. hopefully you can get a session in the morning before you head to the ceremony. I love that temple.

sister Curtis does have a blog. it is <>
the best spiritual experience that I have had this week would have to be teaching in young womens. I love doing that. we taught a lesson on the priesthood and felt like it was really good. there are a few girls in there that just seem to cling onto us and things that we say and do. it is really neat to work with them. next week we are excited to get to go to the youth activity on Tuesday. it will be really fun.
my favourite primary song, oh wait everyone knows that. im trying to be like jesus.
my best friend that is not a member and not interested... probably hilda. she is great. we walked her dog for her yesterday because she was really tired.
my shoes are fine. sister mulliss just bought me some boots.. and wont let me pay her the little hmph. so sweet of her.
if you find anything cool in Germany that would be sweet.
of course I will wave.
I am not positive about the architecture. but I will ask today.
I love pavlova. it is so so good. we are eating dinner at the William's this week and sister Williams said she would make that for me. love her.
I don't know if we will ever get over to boston for pday. it would be really cool but we will see what happens. hopefully.

this week was a pretty good week. we had a few lessons at the beginning of the week and then Friday I was able to go participate in the come unto Christ mission choir in cheltnam. while my comp stayed in Nottingham. that was a really neat experience to be a part of that choir. I met some really cool people. especially sister Jessie wengert who is a transfer ambassador at usu. we know loads of the same people. and getting to meet tons of new missionaries was fun. it was hard because we lost a few days of actual work because it was so far away. we left Friday at 7 am and got back Saturday around 1:30 pm. but it was fun. the leicster zone leaders were so nice and let us drive their car. I almost drove, but sister boots was good. I had to brush my teeth with my finger that night because we didn't have any of our exchange stuff. I loved it all though.

yesterday at church I almost had to play the organ in sacrament meeting.. but next week I do. and it was kind of hard day because none of our or the elders investigators came to church like we had planned. so this week we are just going to work harder and be better at getting them there. but like I said the rest of the day was good. we went to see hilda and she was really tired, but her dog judy needed a walk. so we took her and then came back and chatted with hilda for a bit. that really was so fun. I love talking with people, even if all they want to talk about are polish people and picking up rubbish in the park. you can tell she just loves visiting with people.

the ysa in our ward are absolutely incredible. we went to dinner with katy and Natasha on Saturday with the elders as well and it really was loads of fun. those girls are incredible. their testimonies are so strong and they are so helpful and kind. they are always helping us and making sure that we are ok. they seriously are the sweetest girls. I am so lucky that I can know them. they are like our best friends in Lincoln. and I learn so much from them.

Lincoln is incredible. this ward rocks. I am so blessed to be serving in the area and to know all of these people. thank you for allowing me to have the chance to serve a mission. it has already changed my life and will continue to do so. I love this gospel and sharing it with people is one of the greatest things.

I love you all and am so grateful that I have the worlds best family!!

love, sister j 

walking Hilda's dog Judy

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