Monday, June 24, 2013

awesome missionary!

yo yo family.

wow. ragnar. heber. st george. sheris torture tour. efy. sports camp. acceleration. you all sound like you are having the most fun summer ever. the only thing that could make it better is having this girl right?

well this week was pretty average. my new bike. yeah it is pretty rubbish, but it still works better than my invisible stolen bike so i am super grateful for that. e watt told me that i can have his bike when he leaves lincoln because he is getting another missionaries way nice bike. his bike is to big for me but thats fine because at least it works.

it was fun to see scott last week and talk with him. he has loved nottingham and so i know that he is sad to leave. transfers are great because its like a new start but they are hard because missionaries leave and then we get used to new ones. but i know that one day i will be the new girl on the block and others will have to get used to me.

we were able to do a lot of service this week for quite a few members and nonmembers. we painted a bathroom and did some yard work. we were able to go to young womens as well this week and that was super fun. i love getting to know the young women better and learning from them. they are wonderful. then yesterday we had a munch and mingle after church. its like a linger longer, but just with a family ward. it was really fun to chat with everyone. and mom i am so glad that you emailed heather. she really is great and you guys would be friends. they are coming to utah hopefully in october so you definitley should meet them!

with sophie. looks like we are going to have to push back her baptismal date until the 14th of july which is sad. we were so sad about it and were really unsure of what to do. i just honestly want what is best for her and i hope that she will realize what a blessing this will be in her life. we pray that she will find the courage to tell her parents and then to also be baptized. we just want to help her all that we can.

we were able to talk with quite a few people the other day just in the park or on the street or in their homes. it is really neat to see peoples faces light up as we share our knowledge with them. even if they arent interetsed at least they heard some of the truth. that is what i think is most important. just share your testimony with others and help them to feel of your love for chirst. i love being able to do that daily. it is such a blessing that we all have. i also wrote a poem this week about being a missionary. haha i will send it soon. and hopefully it isnt completely dumb. i havent gotten the package yet, but hopefully this week. this week i am studying christlike attributes along with the conference talks. it is a good combo so i know that i will learn a lot. i love study time. it is one of my favorite times of the day.

thank you for all that you guys do for me. you are so wonderful and as always i am so blessed to have the family that i do.

love, sister j

Sister J and her district

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