Wednesday, June 12, 2013

a week in the english life of sister j

wow. it sounds like you all have had a great start to summer. dad in Germany. mom being the best mom ever. still.  ryan at high adventure camp (that looks sweet. did

you take any photos of you there?) mac getting her brace face gone. looking sharp girl. and brev you have loads of things going on for you. I love to hear about all that you folks are doing. it all sounds so fun. how is tizzy too? i thought about her this morning. (weird right?)

well there really hasn't been rain in Lincoln this past week. it was the nicest week. the sun was shining most of the week and that was wonderful.
i haven't gotten the package yet. hopefully i will get it this week at zone meeting. i did email josh a few weeks ago after he sent me a package. that was so nice of him. i love getting post.. but we don't get much of it. so if people wanted to write that would be great..;) haha
i know that i will stay in Lincoln at least one more transfer, so at least until august. because i am training sister Curtis for the 12 week program. so unless something weird happens we will be here. she is doing really good and just hoosing it up. i love her. we are laughing a lot and getting lots of work done as well.
my shoes are all holding up pretty well. and my bike.. well i randomly got another flat tire this week so i had to leave it at a members house and need to get it later this week.
my favourite scripture passage this week was in mosiah. reading about the people gathering together basically wards. and just to realized that is what is happening now in the world. it is really cool to see how the book of Mormon is revelation for our day.
i had to play the organ and piano yesterday in church. (thank you carol for teaching me those much needed skills) and i have found a love for the song lead kindly light, and how great thou art.
they only money taken out was to buy some clothes and then a backpack today.

this week was really good though. we were able to visit lots of members. we spent pday with one of my favourite families, the mulliss family. (mom have you emailed heather?) then we did some finding Tuesday and spent time with a great family, the crofts. Wednesday our district meeting was really great and i learned a lot from district leader watt. then we had a lesson with john. he is going down hill. he questions everything and shuts down my testimony every time i share it with him. he is probably going to be gone soon. but pray that he will find humility and desire. Thursday we had lunch with hilda and visited a part member family as well. they are wonderful. they Curtis family. love them. really working with their kids because the mom is a recent convert. she is wonderful. so kind to me. Friday we were in Birmingham all day for a training meeting and it was good to see each of the other missionaries. i love to make more friends. the rest of the weekend was good we had a few lessons with sophie. and she is solid. she said her first prayer with us and that was one of the most incredible experiences that i have had on my mission so far. the spirit was so strong and it was amazing to see how her testimony has grown and is growing. i love her faith and desire. to see some one come unto Christ is one of the most incredible things that one could ever encounter. as well as the most rewarding. she is wonderful. we also saw our pal gary and were able to teach him. he is still reading and has many questions about the church. which is good. he said he is going o follow the word of wisdom and also is trying to keep the Sabbath day holy, besides coming to church. but all is good here.

this week we have a goal to find more people to teach. because our teaching pool is fairly small. i am praying to find solid people and working to follow the spirit in everything that we do. we pray that we will find success.

thank you for your testimonies and prayers. i am always feeling the love and support that you give to me. it is incredible to know that i have such a mega solid force behind me. family and friends. you all are wonderful. i couldn't do this great work without you. spreading this news is one of the greatest things we can and will ever do. let that be known.

i love you all. thank you again. have a great week!

love, sister j 

sister j with sophie mulliss

yummy lemon chicken made by the japanese man

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