Monday, June 24, 2013

awesome missionary!

yo yo family.

wow. ragnar. heber. st george. sheris torture tour. efy. sports camp. acceleration. you all sound like you are having the most fun summer ever. the only thing that could make it better is having this girl right?

well this week was pretty average. my new bike. yeah it is pretty rubbish, but it still works better than my invisible stolen bike so i am super grateful for that. e watt told me that i can have his bike when he leaves lincoln because he is getting another missionaries way nice bike. his bike is to big for me but thats fine because at least it works.

it was fun to see scott last week and talk with him. he has loved nottingham and so i know that he is sad to leave. transfers are great because its like a new start but they are hard because missionaries leave and then we get used to new ones. but i know that one day i will be the new girl on the block and others will have to get used to me.

we were able to do a lot of service this week for quite a few members and nonmembers. we painted a bathroom and did some yard work. we were able to go to young womens as well this week and that was super fun. i love getting to know the young women better and learning from them. they are wonderful. then yesterday we had a munch and mingle after church. its like a linger longer, but just with a family ward. it was really fun to chat with everyone. and mom i am so glad that you emailed heather. she really is great and you guys would be friends. they are coming to utah hopefully in october so you definitley should meet them!

with sophie. looks like we are going to have to push back her baptismal date until the 14th of july which is sad. we were so sad about it and were really unsure of what to do. i just honestly want what is best for her and i hope that she will realize what a blessing this will be in her life. we pray that she will find the courage to tell her parents and then to also be baptized. we just want to help her all that we can.

we were able to talk with quite a few people the other day just in the park or on the street or in their homes. it is really neat to see peoples faces light up as we share our knowledge with them. even if they arent interetsed at least they heard some of the truth. that is what i think is most important. just share your testimony with others and help them to feel of your love for chirst. i love being able to do that daily. it is such a blessing that we all have. i also wrote a poem this week about being a missionary. haha i will send it soon. and hopefully it isnt completely dumb. i havent gotten the package yet, but hopefully this week. this week i am studying christlike attributes along with the conference talks. it is a good combo so i know that i will learn a lot. i love study time. it is one of my favorite times of the day.

thank you for all that you guys do for me. you are so wonderful and as always i am so blessed to have the family that i do.

love, sister j

Sister J and her district

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

still loving lincoln

 Late post this week.  They spent p-day in Nottingham and didn't have time for emails.

 hey family!

sorry about yesterday, we went to nottingham for p-day so it was pretty crazy. but you all sound like you are doing so well! ryan. you stud. i wish i could have been there to see you bless the sacrament for the first time, but i know that you did really great. what a blessing it is to have such strong priesthood holders in my family. i am so grateful that you are making correct choices and living so that you can hold that power. i am excited to get your letter. mac. you are a babe. and you have really nice teeth:) how does it feel to not have those suckers on any more? plus girls camp sounds like it was so much fun. and i hope that you are having a blast on your girls trip with mom, lisa, and rose? sister curtis says that being on a mission feels like a really long girls camp. so if you love girls camp.. come on a mission!! brev. you sound like you are loving summer. sometimes i dont understand your language that you type in.. haha just kidding i love the different ways that you write. you all should write letters to the flat. because we are low on that. haha and it is sister curtis's birthday tomorrow. so if you want to write her a birthday card, yeah she would love it. kacie, dani, and ben. thank you for your letters this week. you are all wonderful and you sound like you are doing so well. sorry we dont have much time today.
holy, i cant believe all of the people that are getting calls and going. remind me where jake is going? i was counting last night, and by the time tiana goes our ward should have 10 missionaries.. is that right? crazy! but so cool. i was reading the catch the wave talk from last conference and just realizing how sweet this time is. how awesome that all of these people are sacrificing this time to serve the lord. it truly is the work of the lord and we get to be a part of it!
how was fathers day? i am sorry that i didnt get a card out in the mail yet, but i will get one soon. plus i need to send some stuff home soon for a few birthdays and such. is there anything that you guys would like from england. or things that you want to try? i am thinking with chocolate, i might just have to bring it when i come home or else you will just get a lot of melted bits. unless that is fine?! dad i do want you to know how grateful i am for you. s curtis and i were talking about how wonderful our family and friends were. and especially our gratitude for our wonderful parents. you do so much for me and have given me a great example of loads of things. thank you for always watching out for me. i was remembering last summer when i worked at caspers and you would call me while i drove home at night just to make sure i was safe. i am so grateful for your concern and love. you are the best father that i could ever have. i love you.
i havent gotten the package yet, but hopefully soon. maybe by saturday, because e watt has to go to the mission home friday so if it came he will pick that up for me.
my favorite beverage is water. haha and there is this drink that we found a couple weeks ago that is apple juice. but it is just compressed.. nothing added. it is so good.
i didnt go to the bank this week... i got some cash out for a backpack and thats really it.
missionaries are just floading birmingham. when does nick come? this transfer we are getting 16 sisters and i am not sure how many elders. but loads. by august our mission will be the biggest in the uk and europe. so sweet! 266 missionaries.
sundays here are pretty slow days. in england on sundays families are hardly home, they are out and about together. so we had church and correlation with the ward mission leader. then this week we met with sophie and had a da with a less active family. the story with that one is.. the other day we were walking our bikes home in the rain down high street, because i had a flat tire, and i said hi to a man that walked past us. we turned and said, ''you are the sister missionaries?'' we said yes. and he told us that he was a member named ryan. funny thing is we had tried to visit him a bit ago. he invited us over and for dinner. his fiance is not a member, but he served a mission in paris. so that was a really good oportunity to meet with them. i dont know how interested they are but they said we could come back. any ideas how we could help there better?
the weather here is random every day. today is a really nice day. so we are enjoying no jackets! but it could change in ten minutes!
our week was pretty crazy. we had a few lessons with sophie and she is progressing so quickly. it is so great to see her testimony grow and the excitement that she has for the gospel and especially for the book of mormon. it is neat to see that growth in her. i love it. the hard thing is her parents. she is 20, but her parents are not happy with her investigating the curch and wanting to be baptized. but she is set on it. her determination i think will win over. pray for her.
well that day that i had a flat tire on my bike.. yeah it then got stolen. who would steal a bike with a flat tire? i just am glad that it was mine and not sister curtis's. i was really stressed for a bit and didnt really know what i was going to do. but the elders called around and elder brewer, our zone leader from springville goes home in two days so he is letting me have his bike. what a good kid. we call the bike clunker. it makes a lot of noise because it is kind of broken, but its doing ok. and it works.
we had to drop and investigator this week. that was the hardest thing ever. he wasnt progressing the way he should. i have been teaching him since i got here and every time i leave a lesson with him i feel drained. he just shuts my testimony down and it is hard. we finally had to just decide that we couldnt teach him anymore. that was one of the hardest things to do. you come to love these people and become so sad when they dont see their potential. you see them as christ would, and i think that was the closest i have come to feeling as the savior does when we dont do what we should. but we will try to keep in touch with him.
well thank you for your emails this week. kids i would love to write letters to you as well. so if you want to drop something in the post.. go for it. i can find you pen pals as well! you family, are the best. i love you all and am so grateful to know that i have you forever. that is something that we will be forever grateful for, the holy spirit of promise. i know that i am. i love that mom and dad made the decision to be married in the temple so that we can be together forever. and then dani and ben did and now the rest of us will also. what a great day when we can sit together in our mansions in heaven and remember the experiences that we had on earth. write them down. in a journal.
have a great week and i pray for you all daily. love you!
love, sister j 

with Abigail Croft at ward party

an Aggie in England

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

a week in the english life of sister j

wow. it sounds like you all have had a great start to summer. dad in Germany. mom being the best mom ever. still.  ryan at high adventure camp (that looks sweet. did

you take any photos of you there?) mac getting her brace face gone. looking sharp girl. and brev you have loads of things going on for you. I love to hear about all that you folks are doing. it all sounds so fun. how is tizzy too? i thought about her this morning. (weird right?)

well there really hasn't been rain in Lincoln this past week. it was the nicest week. the sun was shining most of the week and that was wonderful.
i haven't gotten the package yet. hopefully i will get it this week at zone meeting. i did email josh a few weeks ago after he sent me a package. that was so nice of him. i love getting post.. but we don't get much of it. so if people wanted to write that would be great..;) haha
i know that i will stay in Lincoln at least one more transfer, so at least until august. because i am training sister Curtis for the 12 week program. so unless something weird happens we will be here. she is doing really good and just hoosing it up. i love her. we are laughing a lot and getting lots of work done as well.
my shoes are all holding up pretty well. and my bike.. well i randomly got another flat tire this week so i had to leave it at a members house and need to get it later this week.
my favourite scripture passage this week was in mosiah. reading about the people gathering together basically wards. and just to realized that is what is happening now in the world. it is really cool to see how the book of Mormon is revelation for our day.
i had to play the organ and piano yesterday in church. (thank you carol for teaching me those much needed skills) and i have found a love for the song lead kindly light, and how great thou art.
they only money taken out was to buy some clothes and then a backpack today.

this week was really good though. we were able to visit lots of members. we spent pday with one of my favourite families, the mulliss family. (mom have you emailed heather?) then we did some finding Tuesday and spent time with a great family, the crofts. Wednesday our district meeting was really great and i learned a lot from district leader watt. then we had a lesson with john. he is going down hill. he questions everything and shuts down my testimony every time i share it with him. he is probably going to be gone soon. but pray that he will find humility and desire. Thursday we had lunch with hilda and visited a part member family as well. they are wonderful. they Curtis family. love them. really working with their kids because the mom is a recent convert. she is wonderful. so kind to me. Friday we were in Birmingham all day for a training meeting and it was good to see each of the other missionaries. i love to make more friends. the rest of the weekend was good we had a few lessons with sophie. and she is solid. she said her first prayer with us and that was one of the most incredible experiences that i have had on my mission so far. the spirit was so strong and it was amazing to see how her testimony has grown and is growing. i love her faith and desire. to see some one come unto Christ is one of the most incredible things that one could ever encounter. as well as the most rewarding. she is wonderful. we also saw our pal gary and were able to teach him. he is still reading and has many questions about the church. which is good. he said he is going o follow the word of wisdom and also is trying to keep the Sabbath day holy, besides coming to church. but all is good here.

this week we have a goal to find more people to teach. because our teaching pool is fairly small. i am praying to find solid people and working to follow the spirit in everything that we do. we pray that we will find success.

thank you for your testimonies and prayers. i am always feeling the love and support that you give to me. it is incredible to know that i have such a mega solid force behind me. family and friends. you all are wonderful. i couldn't do this great work without you. spreading this news is one of the greatest things we can and will ever do. let that be known.

i love you all. thank you again. have a great week!

love, sister j 

sister j with sophie mulliss

yummy lemon chicken made by the japanese man

Monday, June 3, 2013

loving lincoln!

 what's up guys.

it was great to hear from you this week and to hear that ryan had a great birthday and a great first date. he is so tall. I am sad that I missed it, but hey when I get back he can be my first date. and for our date we can go camping in zions for a week? yeah? sweet.

it sounds like you all have loads planned for summer and are excited for all of your fun adventures. wear sunscreen. mom, I was thinking a lot about jeana yesterday and I am so glad that you mentioned her. I want to write to her. could you tell her hello next time and find out her address for me or have her email me. I love her.

so many weddings, but so great. I cant believe cole gets married tomorrow, that will be awesome though. it will be so nice I am sure. hopefully you can get a session in the morning before you head to the ceremony. I love that temple.

sister Curtis does have a blog. it is <>
the best spiritual experience that I have had this week would have to be teaching in young womens. I love doing that. we taught a lesson on the priesthood and felt like it was really good. there are a few girls in there that just seem to cling onto us and things that we say and do. it is really neat to work with them. next week we are excited to get to go to the youth activity on Tuesday. it will be really fun.
my favourite primary song, oh wait everyone knows that. im trying to be like jesus.
my best friend that is not a member and not interested... probably hilda. she is great. we walked her dog for her yesterday because she was really tired.
my shoes are fine. sister mulliss just bought me some boots.. and wont let me pay her the little hmph. so sweet of her.
if you find anything cool in Germany that would be sweet.
of course I will wave.
I am not positive about the architecture. but I will ask today.
I love pavlova. it is so so good. we are eating dinner at the William's this week and sister Williams said she would make that for me. love her.
I don't know if we will ever get over to boston for pday. it would be really cool but we will see what happens. hopefully.

this week was a pretty good week. we had a few lessons at the beginning of the week and then Friday I was able to go participate in the come unto Christ mission choir in cheltnam. while my comp stayed in Nottingham. that was a really neat experience to be a part of that choir. I met some really cool people. especially sister Jessie wengert who is a transfer ambassador at usu. we know loads of the same people. and getting to meet tons of new missionaries was fun. it was hard because we lost a few days of actual work because it was so far away. we left Friday at 7 am and got back Saturday around 1:30 pm. but it was fun. the leicster zone leaders were so nice and let us drive their car. I almost drove, but sister boots was good. I had to brush my teeth with my finger that night because we didn't have any of our exchange stuff. I loved it all though.

yesterday at church I almost had to play the organ in sacrament meeting.. but next week I do. and it was kind of hard day because none of our or the elders investigators came to church like we had planned. so this week we are just going to work harder and be better at getting them there. but like I said the rest of the day was good. we went to see hilda and she was really tired, but her dog judy needed a walk. so we took her and then came back and chatted with hilda for a bit. that really was so fun. I love talking with people, even if all they want to talk about are polish people and picking up rubbish in the park. you can tell she just loves visiting with people.

the ysa in our ward are absolutely incredible. we went to dinner with katy and Natasha on Saturday with the elders as well and it really was loads of fun. those girls are incredible. their testimonies are so strong and they are so helpful and kind. they are always helping us and making sure that we are ok. they seriously are the sweetest girls. I am so lucky that I can know them. they are like our best friends in Lincoln. and I learn so much from them.

Lincoln is incredible. this ward rocks. I am so blessed to be serving in the area and to know all of these people. thank you for allowing me to have the chance to serve a mission. it has already changed my life and will continue to do so. I love this gospel and sharing it with people is one of the greatest things.

I love you all and am so grateful that I have the worlds best family!!

love, sister j 

walking Hilda's dog Judy