Tuesday, May 28, 2013

finding, finding and more finding

good morning family,

it sounds like you all are doing so wonderful and mostly just looking forward to the start of summer. by moving rocks? what is going on at our house? haha hopefully I will even recognize our house in a bit.. that is cool though that you all are keeping busy and working hard. I hope that the triathalon went well. ryan and mom, way to go.

ryan. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!! I can not believe that you are 16 today. how does it feel? did you ever get my letter? dude. I seriously cant believe that you are growing up so quickly. what they heck. when I get home, I wont even recognize you I feel like. are you excited to drive and date and just be the best teenage brother ever? im pumped for you. have so much fun on your date with mom and don't forget to open her door for her.. that is super important. and when guys would do that for me.. oh I loved it. sometimes the elders still do it for us. its sweet. haha but good luck kid at ragnar! love you!

what the heck andy is engaged? when are they getting married? I got kyle's announcement this week with the sweetest note from aunt wendy, and some awesome letter from rob and shelley's family. I loved that. and a package from my sis. thank you all for thinking of me. I seriously love getting mail, and especially from my loved ones.

I cant believe that video was such a hit, that is so hilarious. and I am way excited to see it. haha kills me. but good for them, they are famous.

the second week of training has been really good. we are now on to week three in the 12 week training program. and jeez, sister Curtis is training me. she is hoosing it up. but she is doing great. we have an investigator on a baptismal date for june 30 so please pray for her and then we have a few lessons set up this week with potential investigators.
the weather has been on and off getting better. the black coat is on me as we speak, but yesterday I wore a different one! I think I need some new welleys because well, mine are being held up by black electrical tape..
the ward is doing really well right now. we are teaching young womens again next week because they seemed to really like having us there last time. we are getting people back to church and that is so great. I love the ward. and some members have given the elders a referral so that is so good.
my comps family is in Springville. they have 11 kids and she is smack in the middle. first sister missionary in her fam. colleen.curtis2@gmail.com is her moms email if you want to get in contact with her. gopher it!!
right now in the book of Mormon I am studying in mosiah. I just read where ammon goes to find the people of lehi-nephi and gets put into prison before he even gets a chance to say anything for himself. I love seeing the hand on the lord there, where he saves their lives in order for them to have a chance to say who they are and what they are doing. we see that everyday in our work when we find. there are some people that would not even give us a chance to say who we are or what we are doing. but then there are others who are so kind and willing to let us share our testimonies with them. its wonderful.
contacting.. boy it is hard. we do a lot of door knocking but we are going to try some different methods this week and see what happens. if you have any ideas, please share them because we are just trying to find people to teach.
bikes are good. the elders had theirs stolen last week or so and we have been riding ours less and walking more. so that has been ok, except for sore feet.

we had a pretty good week this week though. in a lesson with one of our investigators we have been working to get to church we talked about the book of Mormon and how he is liking it. he is into mosiah so that is actually so good! he bore a small yet powerful testimony of the book of Mormon. that was the coolest thing. seeing that the lord is working in him and helping him to see that truth of the things that we have taught him. hopefully we can get him to church soon!

we gained a new investigator this week, sophie. and she is a girlfriend to a member. we have taught her twice and set a baptismal date for the 30th of june. pray that she keeps that date and that we have the faith that it will as well. it is so awesome to have that date. I am pumped!

we also were able to get a potential that we met outside of her house this past week. she was enjoying the sun with her kids and we stopped and shared the first vision and restoration with us. she seemed super interested and we are really excited to go back and teach her again.

zone conference was this past week and that was awesome as well. we love getting to be with other missionaries and just gaining and strengthening those friendships. I learned a lot from president and sister Rasmussen as well as the assistants and zone leaders.

yesterday we had a really fun p day. we went to grantham with the elders and the mulliss family to a manor house called belton house. we trained there and then had a picnic outside and then just walked all over the grounds playing football and chatting. then we toured the house. the mulliss family is so good to us. the really are the best! I am so grateful for them and their love and friendship towards us missionaries. they are so helpful and always kind. mom you should email heather and just thank her slash talk with her. they are maybe visiting Utah in October so you could meet them.

well we are excited for this week and ready to work and find more people to teach. I am so grateful for the miracles that I have seen this week and excited to see more. it will be wonderful. thank you for your love and support. you all are beyond wonderful and I am so blessed to have the family that I have. the gospel is something that we can share with everyone and as we work to bring others to Christ our faith will be strengthened. give out a book this week!

love you loads!

sister j 

Sister J with the Elders

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A great week!!!

 hiya family.

it was so good to hear from you all this week. it sounds like lots of things are winding down, but at the same time.. summer brings lots of things with it. i am sure that it is going to be a great summer and i hope the weather is nice and sunny and warm for you. today in england it is foggy and misty, but it actually is really pretty. we are going to have a sweet pday! doing some shopping and biking and just enjoying our day!

we started a new transfer this week and let me tell you, i know that good things are going to happen this transfer. they already are. but on tuesday we went to birmingham and had ''trunky'' night with the other missionaries going home. since sister m was the only sister going home i was able to have dinner with them, do testimony meeting, watch them all pack up, and sleep at the rasmussens. it was way hard to be with all of those missionaries that were leaving, but it was good for me to see an ''end result'' so to speak. they were all way cool. and i became friends with a few of them. the next morning i didnt even get to say goodbye to sister m because she left before i woke up. hopefully i will hear from her soon! then i spent the morning with sister rasmussen which was so fun! she made me breakfast and we just talked. it was wonderful and she is the best. like another mission mom. i love her. then we waited for the new missionaries to get to the office. i ate lunch with the other trainers and then we got our new kids. my new companion is a sister jennifer curtis from springville, utah! i love her. basically we are the same person. it really is crazy how alike we are, but it is wonderful. we had both been praying for great comps just like ourselves so we know that our prayers were answered. we are having a lot of fun! and i have learned so much from her already.

we had one huge miracle this week. do you remember me telling you about the less active sue that we have been working with? well we went to see her on friday and invited her to stake conference on sunday. she didnt know if she was going to come, because she worked a night shift the night before. but when we got to church yesterday.. she was there!! we had a great time at church and she wrote in my journal, ''i feel a tingling from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.'' it was so cool! it was just a great expereience to see that our hard work is paying off. that we are doing good here in lincoln and that the work is progressing. we were so blessed!

the other day i was also prompted to visit a potential that i had recieved in the mtc from another elder whose sister lives in lincoln adn is a non member. we went around and she was home, getting ready to move.. that day! we were able to get her new address and so we can see her again! then yesterday we went to visit a potential we had met in the park a few days ago, hilda. and when we got to her house she was just getting ready to go for a walk with her dog judy. so we walked with them, picking up rubbish and listening to hilda talk about the history of hartsholme lake. it was so neat! we shared  scripture with her and she is so sweet and the nicest 71 year old i have met in england!

ok days are much better now, i just had so many ideas and i am excited to try them all out, along with s curtis's ideas as well.
scott is doing great. i saw him saturday at stake conference and i will see him this week. i love having family in the mish. my comp hasnt been homesick yet, she really is great. package to the mission home would be best! if you can throw in some little green ctr rings that would be awesome. some families over here would love that! still wearing the jacket.. its great! and we are just doing so great! i dont know who it is in the photo.. sorry!:)

well you all really are so wonderful! thank you for your love and support and testimonies and for emailing every week. i love to hear from you and about how you are doing. the work is wonderful and we are so blessed to ALL be a part of it. keep trying to share the gospel. if you can get ahold of pass along cards, do it. share them with everyone. i love you all one million red jelly babies. you are in my thoughts and prayers. keep it up!

sister j egbert 

Walking the dog with Hilda

The two Sister Jennifers


Monday, May 13, 2013

Happiest Mother's Day EVER!!!!

We had an awesome Mother's Day skype session with Sister Egbert yesterday!!  What a wonderful thing technology is.  What a blessing!!!!  So fun to hear that she is already sounding British:)


wow. i really cant belive that i got to speak to you all last night. that was seriously the best thing ever. it was weird though, because after we left the freemans i told sister m, ''that didnt even feel real.'' but oh it was!! i loved seeing all of your wonderful faces and hearing your voices. i cant wait for christmas now! it is going to be even better.

you all sound like you are doing so great. mac i love hearing your jokes and brev i did unscramble that one. ry i am sending a letter for you today hopefully. you guys.. oh i just love you all loads and loads. i am also glad to hear that kelsie's wedding was great. she looked beautiful. and seeing grandpeir.. love him. how are they doing? and gma jo? did she get my letter that i sent her? holy you guys are getting great weather. i am just still here.. wearing my jacket. dont worry:) but glad that the ysa and ward are doing great. how are the other missionaries from our ward doing? great im sure. and health days.. way to hoose it up! (scottish word that means pretty much way to be great!)

ok questions.. (Calvin asks her 10 questions each week)(Where do you email us from?)we email you from the birchwood library that is super close to our house. (yes that photo was right.) but i want to ask the bishop if we can go to the church and email.. they have computers there. service that we are involved with.. (How many service projects are you involved with?  What are they?)we help sister steers with her garden every once in a while and then a lady named bridgette that we are actually having lunch with today. we work in her garden as well. one day we helped a recent convert break down a wall in her house and elder watt puched the wall and it broke off and hit me in the face.. it was funny. but i feel like i told you that already. sorry. nervousness.. (On a scale of 1-10, how nervous are you about training?)like a 7.3. chocolate... (On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love European chocolate?)like a 14.9. its good. (Do you train to the Mission Home or take a car?) we will take a train to the mission home tomorrow. it takes about 3 hours or so.. the trains arent to bad. as long as you get a seat and dont have to take your bikes. (How easy is it to chat it up with total strangers?) it is getting easier to talk with strangers. for the most part at doors we dont get much our before the door closes. but its cool when you are walking down the street and you just smile and say hi to someone, their faces just light up. it is so neat to see that everyone really just wants to be noticed. and its really cool to be a part of that. and to know that we can share with them that there is someone who always notices them.. christ. we met one neighbor. shes cool, slightly weird. the freemans and other ward members are incredible. i love them all so much! they are all like family to me. mom i will get their address and get it to you next week for sure. i can find some kids in the ward for those guys to email if they would like? we have a great ward. we actually taught yw's last week and it was so fun. i love talking with those girls and getting them excited about missionary work. we have dedicated june as missionary june. it is going to be awesome! the elders have been so good to take hold of this month and turn it into something great. we are really working to get the ward pumped about the work. hopefully it just explodes soon.

we had a pretty slow week because two days we were gone for meetings and training for me. and we had lessons fall through, and no one that wanted to talk with us. but we had opportunities to find some really neat people that we will go back and try to teach more for sure. and even if people arent interested, or say they arent, we still can share our testimonies with them and you just see the spirit when it touches them. there is something in their eyes. it is almost unexplainable. but it is neat. i love that.

well we are off to have a fun last pday for sister m before she has eternal pdays. but i love you all and i will forever keep in my mind that chat we had last night. until december. you all are wonderful and i am so lucky to have the worlds best family! thank you for all that you do for me! keep sharing the gospel and give the sisters referrals. those help! the gospel is the one thing that we can share with everyone! as nike once said ''just do it.''

love, sister j

ps: so the other day we were at pound stretcher (dollar store) and their was a snuggie for 5 pounds. i didnt bring a blanket with me here.. so yes, i bought a blue snuggie.
and in the package i would love the ensign and maybe a for the strength of youth. and deoderant. the stuff they have here is way different. haha weird request. i know. love you! 

Sister J and her captive family:)

Skype is an awesome thing!!

Best Mother's Day EVER!!!!

Sister J's apartment building (found by Calvin on Google Earth....creeper:))

Sister J's church building (courtesy of Google Earth)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

a day late.....

hola familia.

sorry about not being able to email yesterady but guess what?! less than a week and we can chat!! i just emailed dad with all of that potential info so just let me know
within the next few days.
it sounds like you are all doing so wonderful. ryan. who is on junior class with you? baga. exec. are you pumped to be doing that? i am way excited for you? what was your pr on the mile? track ends soon so work as hard as you can and then next year will be even better! then your senior year i can come and watch your meets! mac. volleyball, how is it? are you excited for your upcoming tournament? what position have you been playing? are you ready for school to be done? brevin. how is maggie? did you really grow another half of a head? has the other half grown in yet? haha i am so glad that you are learing portugese. did i tell you we had an elder in our district that is from portugal. elder silva. and he goes home the same time as me. he is cool.
that is really neat that you were able to listen to the sisters speak and to hear a little more about what i am doing. yes we have a cell phone that we can call our investigators on. as well as other missionaries and president rasmussen. we are still biking everywhere. but we try to find the most interesting ways to get places via bike and walking pathways. they are everywhere. so that makes it more fun. we have transfers next week, so i will be getting a new comp and most likely staying in lincoln. which is good because there is still so much work for me to do here. but i am sad that sister medvescek is leaving. she has become like a sister to me and i will miss her. but she is maybe going to be working in the provo mtc while her boyfriend goes on his mission. so that would be awesome!!
well this week was pretty slow again. we went to nottingham to have an exchange with sisters lewis and jensen at the beginning of the week and that was great. we were able to teach their chinese investigator ryan and then to visit a less active young women which was really neat. i learned quite a bit being with them and it was a fun time. then on wednesday we had a lesson with our investigator john. he has been progressing so very slowly because he is well versed in the bible. so he tries to find as many thing wrong with the book of mormon as possible. but this week our lesson was really good. we talked about obedience and watch a video with him. he is slowly but surely progressing. i love it. it just shows that our hard work is paying off, ever so slowly.
on thursday we had a dinner with members that live in a village called bracebridge heath. we went early and tracted the area for an hour or so. the very last house that we knocked on a young girl answered the door and we asked if we could talk with her mother. we talked with this phillipeno women for a few minutes and she was quite interested. we ended up going back over after our dinner and having a lesson with her. she asked if she could have  a book of mormon and we have a return appointment today. we were buzzing! she is so solid. she has two young kids and is divorced. has been a roman catholic, but is less active there. she is so cool and i am way excited for our lesson today.
we are working with a few other people, but the progression is slow. and we are working everyday to find new people to teach and ways to help strengthen the ward here in lincoln.
haha one crazy thing that happened the other day. we were walking to birchwood center and we stopped to talk to this older man. the first thing he did when i said hello was give me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. it was so weird. haha but it actully was pretty funny. gotta love crazy old men.
we are excited for this week and the weather has been so so nice. loving that. it is going to be hard to send sister m home, but she is excited and nervous to see what happens when she gets back. its weird because you feel ilke she just came out to so to send her home.. crazy.
but this week has been great. i have learned a lot and have enjoyed the work quite a bit. one thing that i have grown to love more and more this week is personal and companionship study. it is the best time. because it is time to draw closer to christ through reading about him and studying the words of the living and past prophets. i love that time in the mornings to work on my relationship with christ and to learn more of him.  try as hard as you can to study the scriptures each day. they are great tools that the lord has given us, as well as the words of our living prophets. on sunday we taught in young womens and that was great. i have missed young womens. but we talked about prophets and the importance of them in our lives. so continue to use that resource that the lord has given us.
i love you all and i really look forward to sunday and to get to talk with you all! youre wonderful examples to me and i am so grateful for my incredible family!!
love, sister j

                             Cathedral with Sister M


              Lincoln Museum of Life

        Celebrating Cinco de Mayo in England