Monday, April 8, 2013

time is flying!!!

dear family,

as always it was so great to hear from you and about how your spring break was. mac thanks for sharing your thoughts about conference. sounds like you really loved it. and brev you are a bro for finishing hp and now starting fablehaven. my bro is a genius. ry i did get your letter thank you and there is one on the way for you. i love hearing from you all so please keep writing. mom sorry i didnt tell you but i do get those cousin emails and i love getting them! please if you could keep sending them do. i love to hear how my cousins are doing across the world.
i loved getting all of those photos and videos of the things that you guys are doing. holy you all are pros at boarding. brevin i had no idea you were so good. what studs.
this week was a pretty slow week in lincoln. we had two lessons with different investigators, john and gary. they are nice guys and progresing slowly but surely. i was able to committ both of them to baptism which was really sweet. i love asking that question because you can just feel the spirit testifying to them of the truthfulness of what we are teaching. we just hope that they are opening up there hearts to it as well.
my birthday was great. that morning we came home from our exchange in stamford. and on the way home i got a few phone calls from the elders and our zone leaders who remembered it was my birthday which was so nice of them all. i love all these missionaries that i am able to serve around. they teach me so much. (nd our exchange was awesome! we went to burghley house, which is in pride and prejudice so that was sweet. plus we got to drive.. no bikes for a day is always a plus!) when we got home and began weekly planning there was a knock at our door and i received some beautiful flowers from the boot man!;) that right there completely made my day! and i was able to get some birthday cards from ward members and family as well (thanks mom:)) haha. and that night we had a dinner with the rycrofts. a family in our ward whose daughter we have become pretty good friends with, natasha. she is 23 and the sweetest thing. she is going to come do some missionary work with us soon, that will be so fun. i am so grateful for these awesome ward members. after our da we had some cake that another ward member had made.. so that was great! and it was a good cake with those trick candles that we always use on brevin...;)
one other way cool thing that happened this week.. while we were finding we started talking to this older man who was washing his car outside. he had zero interest in what we had to share with him, but we chatted with him anyway. as we were leaving i asked him name and he said he wasnt going to tell me. (stubborn old man;)) so i decided just to guess something. i said, ''see ya later frank.'' turns out that really was his name. i was so surprised and couldnt stop laughing about that. it was just a great show of how the lord really knows each and every one of us. for frank it was just someon knowing his name that would help him. for others its different things. but we are still blessed and shown that love daily.

ok for your questions:

1. it has been so much warmer over here and it is lovely! i just wear my north face jacket and i am golden. i am loving this warmness. hopefully it lasts...
2. i am getting packages whenever the zl go to the office so that is great. thank you to everyone!
3. already answered...
4. shoes are ok. i think today i will get some others.. hopefully. it would be great to get some others. i look pretty rubbish with my taped up boots.. haha
5. the ward like i said it great. they are all so welcoming, and we have a few da's every week which is awesome! i love getting to know all of these people and learning about them and their families.
6. we have seen the cathedral once, we went to some evening service.. but we hope to go on a tour in a few weeks. it is huge and amazing. i will get some pictures for you soon!
7. birthday like i said was great.. and i feel the same. just that i am not  teenager anymore. getting older..weird that we have no teenage girls in our family. how does that feel?
8. yeah they can totally write members. brevin could write to my pal josh mulliss who is almost 7. he thinks my name is jellyfish, but he said i am his best friend so thats cool. he would love to write brevin. and he loves hp.
9. 2 copies would be great of the ensign. one for me and one for my comp! you guys are the best. thank you for everything.
10. train travel is very different and sometimes you ride backwards which is crazy but it is a fun new way to get around so that is cool.

sorry that the emaily is a little less exciting this week, but next week will be good! i love you all loads and heaps! (english/scotish words). thank you for your testimonies and prayers and letters. i know that this church is true and i am so grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission. i love you and hope that you have a great week. dont forget that every member is a missionary and you can share your testimony with everyone. even and especially through your example!

sister j 

deer at burghely house (pride & prejudice)

happy bday to her!!:)

the district

with chloe finch

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