Monday, April 8, 2013

meeting up with elder call.....

This should have been posted last week.  I forgot to push publish.  Sorry....... 

hey kids,

thank you so much for the birthday package and treats and everything!! i loved getting that and the notes as well. i have the best family ever. love you guys! and tell gma and gpa and brenda thanks for the birthday cards. as well as the tuellers. i have the best family and friends! we love eating american candy!:) i loved hearing from you this week and about all that you are doing. looks like you had a super fun easter and hunt as well. i tried to get everyone to dye easter eggs with me.. but turns out they dont do that kind of thing in this country. no white eggs or egg dye. weird right? haha but we have gotten so much chocolate and candy.. its crazy. gotta love being a missionary and all the treats that you get.

this week was pretty crazy. we met with our investigator, john, and he is still crazy as ever with his knowledge of the bible. but i am excited to teach him again. he seems to really enjoy the things that we are teaching him. we had a dinner this week at a members home. and the sister looks like marie osmond, sings like her, and loves the osmonds! they went to their concert when they were in england. isnt that great! i told her how much you love them as well! this past week we also had interviews with president in nottingham. so we rode there early thursday morning and then met with our zone. so i saw scott! the interviews went well. i love president and sister rasmussen. they are awesome. i talked with sister rasmussen for quite awhile as well. she and i are a lot alike so its fun to chat with her. then friday we had a training meeting in birmingham so we stayed with the sisters in nottingham for the night. it was so fun! sisters lewis and jenson. they are the funniest girls. we loved having that work over with them. and we were able to help them teach a few of their chinese inverstigators which was so awesome actually! the friday we went into birmingham. our training meeting was awesome. and i loved seeing my pals from the mtc. they are great! the zl drove us back to nottingham where we caught the train again. it is crazy to ride trains and all that but it is a fun new experience! easter sunday was awesome and we at dinner with the freemans, they are such a nice family. their daughter served in temple square so we chatted for awhile. i love that you guys have sisters in the ward. its so fun for you to see a glimpse of what i am doing here. we love visiting with the ward members and less actives. it is fun to get to know so many different people. and to find ways to help them! good luck ryan with junior class! that will be awesome! and brev and mac good luck with soccer and volleyball. tear up the field/court!!

my favorite part of mission work this week was going to the elders baptism. their convert amanda was baptized and it was incredible. i cannot wait to have my own investigator because as incredible as that was.. i cant even imagine. the spirit was so strong and you really are able to see how much the lord loves each of us. this church is so true and to see that through anothers eyes is incredible. there is nothing like it.
favorite meal of the mission is haggis.. no haggis is so gross. but really the food is pretty much the same here. nothing to different.
favorite members. the mulliss's for sure. they have 5 kids. (age 12-baby) almost 7 year old josh sat with me at the baptism sunday of a girl in our ward. and he is hilarious. he thinks my name is jellyfish.. sister mulliss is so sweet though. i love talking to her.
most new missionaries are coming from the states. almost all this next transfer actually.
as i said. president and sister rasmussen are absolutely awesome!!
mission funds are tight but things are working good. this week i bought elder taylors bike from him, that would be why i took money out. i have yet to get boots and a coat.. i just am making it work for now.
i loved all of your packages. like i said.. you are the bomb!
ryan you can rename wilford.. thats ok with me. willis is a good name so thats totally fine!
i though it was 17 left? we are eating plenty!
everyday i find myself getting lost more and more in the work. i like to think of president hinckleys quote.. forget yourself and go to work. it is so important as missionaries to focus on the people and things that you are working for. that way you can fully have the spirit to lead you to know how to best help them!

Thank you all for your letters and love. you are such an incredible family and i feel so blessed. i miss you all so much, but think of how great it will be when we can see eachother again in 16 months and talk about everything?!:) john 16:22 I love being a missionary and helping all of these people to have what we have as members. share it with your friends!! love you all one million yogurt granola bites!

sister j

eating cadbury eggs on the train

saying goodbye to harby the snail

another photo with cousin elder call & sis rasmussen


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