Thursday, April 25, 2013

email from this week....

ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.. even if they are in england.

haha gotta love stich right? how is hawaii? oh who am i kidding i know that it is great!! it looks and sounds great. and from what i remember.. that place is just really great. thanks for the photos and everything. you all are great. enjoy your last few days of that beaut. hopefully ryan and mac are good, i was sad to not hear from you kids. but ry congrats on winning junior class pres! that is awesome. i knew you would get it though. and mac sorry about your election, but guess what. i still think that you are the coolest 7th grader out there.
mom i seriously love that you are meeting all of these sister missionaries. isn't it the best. i love missionaries and getting to meet with them is awesome. keep loving them and hugging them. because it is something that i absolutely live for, these member families that i just love. mac and brev i have a few kids that you could write to if you wanted to? just let me know what you think about having british pen pals!
this week has been really good. we had the chance to have two ysa girls come serve a mini mission with us for 4 days and that was so fun. they are the sweetest kindest girls. natasha and chloe. natasha reminds me so much of kelsey parker so of course i just love her. and chloe is heading to her mission in three weeks so it was so fun to work with her and help her to see what missionary work is all about. i love her as well. we met with matt and kelly this week and man they are so awesome! they are basically ready to join the church. they hardly drink because they think its hard on you, they dont drink tea or coffee, and matt said that he never would join a church unless they believed what he believes and he has found that with our church. he works with an lds guy so he has had good interaction with the church. we have a dinner appointment with them this week so that will be awesome! and matt gave me this sweet thing that i am going to send to you guys!! we also were able to celebrate elder watts birthday this week which was pretty fun. we got with a bunch of members, recent converts, and one investigator to have a little surprise party for him. that was great! this ward seriously is incredible. there are the nicest people here and everyone is always so willing to help us out in all that we do.
i will say there was one day this week that we walked sooo far. with the mini missionaries we couldnt use our bikes so we were walking in a town called newark and i felt sort of like a modern day pioneer. haha it was good though. the blisters only bled a little and they are starting to go away. but it was fun to walk and talk with the girls. getting to know them better.
i am so thrilled for all of these missionaries that are getting their calls. the work is hastening and it is not going to slow down. I feel so grateful to be serving a mission at this time. yes it is really hard at times, but the way people react when they understand what you are sharing with them is incredible. the gospel is the most important message that these people will ever hear. they are going to use it the rest of their lives if they so choose. i love having the oppotunity to change lives.
to answer questions this week.
-the warmth is awesome because it means no more tights.. :)
-no we didnt speak to frank again.. he wasnt on bit interested in the church.
-sister m is doing well. she goes home in three weeks so she is having a hard time with that.
-p day is different every week. we just email in the morning and last week we found this sweet trail that we followed for a bit. today we are going to the town center. probably do something with the elders.. it changes weekly.
-funniest thing that happened.. i dont even know.. there are crazy things that happen everyday. we did see a toad last sunday and then the next day we were on that same road and saw about 30 dead toads.. that were ran over..
-i can never remember what scriptures i wrote down that impacted me.. i write them on sticky notes and put them by my desk.. so i can always remember those experience with the scriptures.
-my feet... hurt but they are good. and i have been healthy so far so hopefully that continues.
-transfers will be may 15. this was just a 5 week transfer.
-i feel like i have been here forever.. and that it will be forever that i'll be here. but at the same time it feels like i go home next week. i dont know, its kind of a crazy feeling. haha

but this next week i am really looking forward to. we have some awesome things planned and so i am excited for all of them!
thank you family for being the best family ever. i am so blessed and grateful! i love this gospel. it is the most important thing we have, besides eachother. but work each week to share it with someone new! i love you all and pray for you each day!
love, sister j

Here are some random photos.  She didn't offer any explanation or description......

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