Thursday, April 25, 2013

better late than never.....

We have been out of town for a bit and didn't get these last two emails posted....
hey you kids,

hawaii.. oh i hope that it is great. it looks like you are all loving it and having so much fun, especially mac with all of those sweet kids. they look like beach bums for sure. i miss it. we can all go back in 16 right? ryan and ken, good luck with elections and everything. you are going to rock it and you are in my prayers. let me know how it all turns out and i hope for the best!! and have so much fun at the temple. go as often as you can. i miss that atmosphere so much. i cant wait until i can go again. it is such a blessing that we have that we live so close to such a beautiful building. use that priviledge.
each week we email you from a library that is about a five minute walk from our flat. its nice and we are able to be on for 2 hours. so that is good.
the weather here has been better, warmer. lincoln is supposedly the driest place in england so thats a plus. but it has gotten super windy, so that is hard for bike riding. we just pretend it is satan trying to push us back as we bike towards our missionary goals. so we keep pressing forward and eventually we get home;) but it has been. nice. i am not wearing tights right now.. haha its great!
we only attend our ward, because the others are quite far away. our ward boundaries are HUGE.
we have district meeting weekly. but our district is small.. us, elders, and the dl and his comp. but its a fun district. this next week we have a zone meeting so that will be good to see everyone else and elder call. gotta love it. the photo card can be sent back whenever. i probably will send it home with a package soon.
and no i dont think i will ever drive .there are only three sister areas with cars now, so i think i will just be biking for the next while! bikes..

this week was a pretty slow one. we had a lesson with john and a lesson with gary. they are both keeping commitments and seem to be enjoying learning all that we have to teach them, but we are struggling to get them both to church. john has his church that he attends every week and gary takes care of his mother, but we are working hard, fasting and praying for them to come so i know we will get there.
a few weeks ago we came across this couple, kelly and matt. they are awesome. i talked  with matt about manchester united and he seemed really cool. he says he works with some LDS people and thinks they are great. he has always said he would never get involved in a church unless they believed in the same things that he did, and he has found that with the church! sweet!! so we have gone back a few times to teach them, but everytime they have been busy. this week when we went by kelly had left a note saying how sorry she was that they had to cancel again, but left her number and said that she really wanted to meet with us! so hopefully soon we can get ahold of them and start teaching them. they are awesome!
one of my favorite parts of missionary work is getting to know and helping the members. we were able to have dinner with a couple this week, the diamonds. they are an older couple, but the sweetest. sister diamond always just hugs me for ages and i love it. it is so nice to just hug someone sometimes. i miss that. but anyway she seems to love us and gave us a referral at the end. the referral was awesome, another older couple how live near us. they were so sweet. veronica and gordon. veronica was showing us her photos of all of her family and gordon and i were talking about golf and the masters. it was so fun. i love working with people and helping them to attain happiness in their lives, even if it is just by our examples. another member i have loved helping is a girl in our ward who is leaving on her mission soon. she is so sweet and really nervous to leave her family, but as i talked with her yesterday in church, she helped ME so much. she has such a strong spirit and i love talking with her about missionary work and getting her excited to serve. it is hard work, but it is so worthwhile and you learn more then you ever thought possible. studying the words our prophets, whether through scripture or ensign for a few hours everyday is so great as well. something that i hope to continue even when i come home. i love this gospel and i am so grateful for it. keep striving everday to grow closer to our savior. he is the way and the light and through him we can do ALL things.

i love you all and cant wait to hear from you again! Be safe and enjoy the sunshine!

love sister j

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