Tuesday, April 30, 2013

another week in Lincoln


 it sounds like hawaii was the best. as i remember. that sounds about right. i cant wait for july 2015. that sounds forever away.. but it'll be so much fun. i loved seeing all of the photos and videos of what you guys were doing. this sounds crazy but the kids are already looking bigger. and it has only been 2 months. crazy. but i love you all. sounds like soccer is going to be great and just getting back into the swing of things before summer comes around. enjoy school while you can kids. i miss it. haha its ok i am a nerd.

dad tell everyone thanks for asking and that i love them all. the work is coming along. slowly but surely. we are finding people to talk to everyday. and having fun with sister m's last few weeks. it is crazy how quickly our time together has gone. but we are having fun. mom thank you for the spiritual thought that you share with me each week. and for taking care of the sister missionaries. that is something that is so important. the member relationships. and they probably love you. becuase i know that i do.( hey along with the package could you throw in my recipe book? that'd be lovely.)

what the nick haney!! i am so excited. i seriously am buzzing for that. do you know when he comes? please tell me as soon as you find out?! that seriously is sweet. he is a way cool kid so i am excited to have him come to the ebm. and i was able to email mike today. that was awesome! he sounds like he is doing great. yeah you can put my email to the ward, thats fine. and i loved getting those letters from becky and michelle. that was solid!

this week was a good one. just really slow. i was sick towards the middle of the week so that was rough. but im good now. we weren't able to get a lot of new investigators because people are to busy to talk with us and what not. but each time we are out tracting, we are able to talk with at least one person that is interested. or one person that we can share testimony with. one person that you can touch with the spirit. it is so important as members and missionaries to just talk with everyone. there is a section in preach my gospel on finding and it says ''talk with EVERYONE.'' no matter what, people need to see that we care.

we were blessed the other day to talk with this really neat man, ola. he is from nigeria and teaches at the university here in lincoln. he was so nice and let us into his home to talk with he and his wife about God. we sat with them for about 45 minutes and that was incredible! we gave them a book of mormon and they were really excited. they are devoted baptists but said we can come back anytime. and oh you better believe that we will.

but we are excited for another good week here in lincoln.

i dont have a ton of time sorry, but if i could give a piece of advice it would be to focus on the work. as soon as you get out there. find out all you can about the area. even before you go if you can. find out about the mission. the people the culture the president. it is important to the locals if you know things about the area. i have to pretend a lot of the time. but i love finding out new things everyday.

thank you for all that you do for me! i love you all and cant wait to talk with you in less thatn 2 weeks!! i think i remember my skype account stuff.. if not the freemans will let me use theirs! next week is bank holiday i think so we will email tuesday. i love you all and cant wait to hear from you again.

remember to always share your testimony. even if it is just through your actions!

love you,
sister j

good luck to brenna as she heads out this week. She will do great things!!


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