Tuesday, April 30, 2013

another week in Lincoln


 it sounds like hawaii was the best. as i remember. that sounds about right. i cant wait for july 2015. that sounds forever away.. but it'll be so much fun. i loved seeing all of the photos and videos of what you guys were doing. this sounds crazy but the kids are already looking bigger. and it has only been 2 months. crazy. but i love you all. sounds like soccer is going to be great and just getting back into the swing of things before summer comes around. enjoy school while you can kids. i miss it. haha its ok i am a nerd.

dad tell everyone thanks for asking and that i love them all. the work is coming along. slowly but surely. we are finding people to talk to everyday. and having fun with sister m's last few weeks. it is crazy how quickly our time together has gone. but we are having fun. mom thank you for the spiritual thought that you share with me each week. and for taking care of the sister missionaries. that is something that is so important. the member relationships. and they probably love you. becuase i know that i do.( hey along with the package could you throw in my recipe book? that'd be lovely.)

what the nick haney!! i am so excited. i seriously am buzzing for that. do you know when he comes? please tell me as soon as you find out?! that seriously is sweet. he is a way cool kid so i am excited to have him come to the ebm. and i was able to email mike today. that was awesome! he sounds like he is doing great. yeah you can put my email to the ward, thats fine. and i loved getting those letters from becky and michelle. that was solid!

this week was a good one. just really slow. i was sick towards the middle of the week so that was rough. but im good now. we weren't able to get a lot of new investigators because people are to busy to talk with us and what not. but each time we are out tracting, we are able to talk with at least one person that is interested. or one person that we can share testimony with. one person that you can touch with the spirit. it is so important as members and missionaries to just talk with everyone. there is a section in preach my gospel on finding and it says ''talk with EVERYONE.'' no matter what, people need to see that we care.

we were blessed the other day to talk with this really neat man, ola. he is from nigeria and teaches at the university here in lincoln. he was so nice and let us into his home to talk with he and his wife about God. we sat with them for about 45 minutes and that was incredible! we gave them a book of mormon and they were really excited. they are devoted baptists but said we can come back anytime. and oh you better believe that we will.

but we are excited for another good week here in lincoln.

i dont have a ton of time sorry, but if i could give a piece of advice it would be to focus on the work. as soon as you get out there. find out all you can about the area. even before you go if you can. find out about the mission. the people the culture the president. it is important to the locals if you know things about the area. i have to pretend a lot of the time. but i love finding out new things everyday.

thank you for all that you do for me! i love you all and cant wait to talk with you in less thatn 2 weeks!! i think i remember my skype account stuff.. if not the freemans will let me use theirs! next week is bank holiday i think so we will email tuesday. i love you all and cant wait to hear from you again.

remember to always share your testimony. even if it is just through your actions!

love you,
sister j

good luck to brenna as she heads out this week. She will do great things!!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

email from this week....

ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.. even if they are in england.

haha gotta love stich right? how is hawaii? oh who am i kidding i know that it is great!! it looks and sounds great. and from what i remember.. that place is just really great. thanks for the photos and everything. you all are great. enjoy your last few days of that beaut. hopefully ryan and mac are good, i was sad to not hear from you kids. but ry congrats on winning junior class pres! that is awesome. i knew you would get it though. and mac sorry about your election, but guess what. i still think that you are the coolest 7th grader out there.
mom i seriously love that you are meeting all of these sister missionaries. isn't it the best. i love missionaries and getting to meet with them is awesome. keep loving them and hugging them. because it is something that i absolutely live for, these member families that i just love. mac and brev i have a few kids that you could write to if you wanted to? just let me know what you think about having british pen pals!
this week has been really good. we had the chance to have two ysa girls come serve a mini mission with us for 4 days and that was so fun. they are the sweetest kindest girls. natasha and chloe. natasha reminds me so much of kelsey parker so of course i just love her. and chloe is heading to her mission in three weeks so it was so fun to work with her and help her to see what missionary work is all about. i love her as well. we met with matt and kelly this week and man they are so awesome! they are basically ready to join the church. they hardly drink because they think its hard on you, they dont drink tea or coffee, and matt said that he never would join a church unless they believed what he believes and he has found that with our church. he works with an lds guy so he has had good interaction with the church. we have a dinner appointment with them this week so that will be awesome! and matt gave me this sweet thing that i am going to send to you guys!! we also were able to celebrate elder watts birthday this week which was pretty fun. we got with a bunch of members, recent converts, and one investigator to have a little surprise party for him. that was great! this ward seriously is incredible. there are the nicest people here and everyone is always so willing to help us out in all that we do.
i will say there was one day this week that we walked sooo far. with the mini missionaries we couldnt use our bikes so we were walking in a town called newark and i felt sort of like a modern day pioneer. haha it was good though. the blisters only bled a little and they are starting to go away. but it was fun to walk and talk with the girls. getting to know them better.
i am so thrilled for all of these missionaries that are getting their calls. the work is hastening and it is not going to slow down. I feel so grateful to be serving a mission at this time. yes it is really hard at times, but the way people react when they understand what you are sharing with them is incredible. the gospel is the most important message that these people will ever hear. they are going to use it the rest of their lives if they so choose. i love having the oppotunity to change lives.
to answer questions this week.
-the warmth is awesome because it means no more tights.. :)
-no we didnt speak to frank again.. he wasnt on bit interested in the church.
-sister m is doing well. she goes home in three weeks so she is having a hard time with that.
-p day is different every week. we just email in the morning and last week we found this sweet trail that we followed for a bit. today we are going to the town center. probably do something with the elders.. it changes weekly.
-funniest thing that happened.. i dont even know.. there are crazy things that happen everyday. we did see a toad last sunday and then the next day we were on that same road and saw about 30 dead toads.. that were ran over..
-i can never remember what scriptures i wrote down that impacted me.. i write them on sticky notes and put them by my desk.. so i can always remember those experience with the scriptures.
-my feet... hurt but they are good. and i have been healthy so far so hopefully that continues.
-transfers will be may 15. this was just a 5 week transfer.
-i feel like i have been here forever.. and that it will be forever that i'll be here. but at the same time it feels like i go home next week. i dont know, its kind of a crazy feeling. haha

but this next week i am really looking forward to. we have some awesome things planned and so i am excited for all of them!
thank you family for being the best family ever. i am so blessed and grateful! i love this gospel. it is the most important thing we have, besides eachother. but work each week to share it with someone new! i love you all and pray for you each day!
love, sister j

Here are some random photos.  She didn't offer any explanation or description......

better late than never.....

We have been out of town for a bit and didn't get these last two emails posted....
hey you kids,

hawaii.. oh i hope that it is great. it looks like you are all loving it and having so much fun, especially mac with all of those sweet kids. they look like beach bums for sure. i miss it. we can all go back in 16 right? ryan and ken, good luck with elections and everything. you are going to rock it and you are in my prayers. let me know how it all turns out and i hope for the best!! and have so much fun at the temple. go as often as you can. i miss that atmosphere so much. i cant wait until i can go again. it is such a blessing that we have that we live so close to such a beautiful building. use that priviledge.
each week we email you from a library that is about a five minute walk from our flat. its nice and we are able to be on for 2 hours. so that is good.
the weather here has been better, warmer. lincoln is supposedly the driest place in england so thats a plus. but it has gotten super windy, so that is hard for bike riding. we just pretend it is satan trying to push us back as we bike towards our missionary goals. so we keep pressing forward and eventually we get home;) but it has been. nice. i am not wearing tights right now.. haha its great!
we only attend our ward, because the others are quite far away. our ward boundaries are HUGE.
we have district meeting weekly. but our district is small.. us, elders, and the dl and his comp. but its a fun district. this next week we have a zone meeting so that will be good to see everyone else and elder call. gotta love it. the photo card can be sent back whenever. i probably will send it home with a package soon.
and no i dont think i will ever drive .there are only three sister areas with cars now, so i think i will just be biking for the next while! bikes..

this week was a pretty slow one. we had a lesson with john and a lesson with gary. they are both keeping commitments and seem to be enjoying learning all that we have to teach them, but we are struggling to get them both to church. john has his church that he attends every week and gary takes care of his mother, but we are working hard, fasting and praying for them to come so i know we will get there.
a few weeks ago we came across this couple, kelly and matt. they are awesome. i talked  with matt about manchester united and he seemed really cool. he says he works with some LDS people and thinks they are great. he has always said he would never get involved in a church unless they believed in the same things that he did, and he has found that with the church! sweet!! so we have gone back a few times to teach them, but everytime they have been busy. this week when we went by kelly had left a note saying how sorry she was that they had to cancel again, but left her number and said that she really wanted to meet with us! so hopefully soon we can get ahold of them and start teaching them. they are awesome!
one of my favorite parts of missionary work is getting to know and helping the members. we were able to have dinner with a couple this week, the diamonds. they are an older couple, but the sweetest. sister diamond always just hugs me for ages and i love it. it is so nice to just hug someone sometimes. i miss that. but anyway she seems to love us and gave us a referral at the end. the referral was awesome, another older couple how live near us. they were so sweet. veronica and gordon. veronica was showing us her photos of all of her family and gordon and i were talking about golf and the masters. it was so fun. i love working with people and helping them to attain happiness in their lives, even if it is just by our examples. another member i have loved helping is a girl in our ward who is leaving on her mission soon. she is so sweet and really nervous to leave her family, but as i talked with her yesterday in church, she helped ME so much. she has such a strong spirit and i love talking with her about missionary work and getting her excited to serve. it is hard work, but it is so worthwhile and you learn more then you ever thought possible. studying the words our prophets, whether through scripture or ensign for a few hours everyday is so great as well. something that i hope to continue even when i come home. i love this gospel and i am so grateful for it. keep striving everday to grow closer to our savior. he is the way and the light and through him we can do ALL things.

i love you all and cant wait to hear from you again! Be safe and enjoy the sunshine!

love sister j

Monday, April 8, 2013

meeting up with elder call.....

This should have been posted last week.  I forgot to push publish.  Sorry....... 

hey kids,

thank you so much for the birthday package and treats and everything!! i loved getting that and the notes as well. i have the best family ever. love you guys! and tell gma and gpa and brenda thanks for the birthday cards. as well as the tuellers. i have the best family and friends! we love eating american candy!:) i loved hearing from you this week and about all that you are doing. looks like you had a super fun easter and hunt as well. i tried to get everyone to dye easter eggs with me.. but turns out they dont do that kind of thing in this country. no white eggs or egg dye. weird right? haha but we have gotten so much chocolate and candy.. its crazy. gotta love being a missionary and all the treats that you get.

this week was pretty crazy. we met with our investigator, john, and he is still crazy as ever with his knowledge of the bible. but i am excited to teach him again. he seems to really enjoy the things that we are teaching him. we had a dinner this week at a members home. and the sister looks like marie osmond, sings like her, and loves the osmonds! they went to their concert when they were in england. isnt that great! i told her how much you love them as well! this past week we also had interviews with president in nottingham. so we rode there early thursday morning and then met with our zone. so i saw scott! the interviews went well. i love president and sister rasmussen. they are awesome. i talked with sister rasmussen for quite awhile as well. she and i are a lot alike so its fun to chat with her. then friday we had a training meeting in birmingham so we stayed with the sisters in nottingham for the night. it was so fun! sisters lewis and jenson. they are the funniest girls. we loved having that work over with them. and we were able to help them teach a few of their chinese inverstigators which was so awesome actually! the friday we went into birmingham. our training meeting was awesome. and i loved seeing my pals from the mtc. they are great! the zl drove us back to nottingham where we caught the train again. it is crazy to ride trains and all that but it is a fun new experience! easter sunday was awesome and we at dinner with the freemans, they are such a nice family. their daughter served in temple square so we chatted for awhile. i love that you guys have sisters in the ward. its so fun for you to see a glimpse of what i am doing here. we love visiting with the ward members and less actives. it is fun to get to know so many different people. and to find ways to help them! good luck ryan with junior class! that will be awesome! and brev and mac good luck with soccer and volleyball. tear up the field/court!!

my favorite part of mission work this week was going to the elders baptism. their convert amanda was baptized and it was incredible. i cannot wait to have my own investigator because as incredible as that was.. i cant even imagine. the spirit was so strong and you really are able to see how much the lord loves each of us. this church is so true and to see that through anothers eyes is incredible. there is nothing like it.
favorite meal of the mission is haggis.. no haggis is so gross. but really the food is pretty much the same here. nothing to different.
favorite members. the mulliss's for sure. they have 5 kids. (age 12-baby) almost 7 year old josh sat with me at the baptism sunday of a girl in our ward. and he is hilarious. he thinks my name is jellyfish.. sister mulliss is so sweet though. i love talking to her.
most new missionaries are coming from the states. almost all this next transfer actually.
as i said. president and sister rasmussen are absolutely awesome!!
mission funds are tight but things are working good. this week i bought elder taylors bike from him, that would be why i took money out. i have yet to get boots and a coat.. i just am making it work for now.
i loved all of your packages. like i said.. you are the bomb!
ryan you can rename wilford.. thats ok with me. willis is a good name so thats totally fine!
i though it was 17 left? we are eating plenty!
everyday i find myself getting lost more and more in the work. i like to think of president hinckleys quote.. forget yourself and go to work. it is so important as missionaries to focus on the people and things that you are working for. that way you can fully have the spirit to lead you to know how to best help them!

Thank you all for your letters and love. you are such an incredible family and i feel so blessed. i miss you all so much, but think of how great it will be when we can see eachother again in 16 months and talk about everything?!:) john 16:22 I love being a missionary and helping all of these people to have what we have as members. share it with your friends!! love you all one million yogurt granola bites!

sister j

eating cadbury eggs on the train

saying goodbye to harby the snail

another photo with cousin elder call & sis rasmussen


time is flying!!!

dear family,

as always it was so great to hear from you and about how your spring break was. mac thanks for sharing your thoughts about conference. sounds like you really loved it. and brev you are a bro for finishing hp and now starting fablehaven. my bro is a genius. ry i did get your letter thank you and there is one on the way for you. i love hearing from you all so please keep writing. mom sorry i didnt tell you but i do get those cousin emails and i love getting them! please if you could keep sending them do. i love to hear how my cousins are doing across the world.
i loved getting all of those photos and videos of the things that you guys are doing. holy you all are pros at boarding. brevin i had no idea you were so good. what studs.
this week was a pretty slow week in lincoln. we had two lessons with different investigators, john and gary. they are nice guys and progresing slowly but surely. i was able to committ both of them to baptism which was really sweet. i love asking that question because you can just feel the spirit testifying to them of the truthfulness of what we are teaching. we just hope that they are opening up there hearts to it as well.
my birthday was great. that morning we came home from our exchange in stamford. and on the way home i got a few phone calls from the elders and our zone leaders who remembered it was my birthday which was so nice of them all. i love all these missionaries that i am able to serve around. they teach me so much. (nd our exchange was awesome! we went to burghley house, which is in pride and prejudice so that was sweet. plus we got to drive.. no bikes for a day is always a plus!) when we got home and began weekly planning there was a knock at our door and i received some beautiful flowers from the boot man!;) that right there completely made my day! and i was able to get some birthday cards from ward members and family as well (thanks mom:)) haha. and that night we had a dinner with the rycrofts. a family in our ward whose daughter we have become pretty good friends with, natasha. she is 23 and the sweetest thing. she is going to come do some missionary work with us soon, that will be so fun. i am so grateful for these awesome ward members. after our da we had some cake that another ward member had made.. so that was great! and it was a good cake with those trick candles that we always use on brevin...;)
one other way cool thing that happened this week.. while we were finding we started talking to this older man who was washing his car outside. he had zero interest in what we had to share with him, but we chatted with him anyway. as we were leaving i asked him name and he said he wasnt going to tell me. (stubborn old man;)) so i decided just to guess something. i said, ''see ya later frank.'' turns out that really was his name. i was so surprised and couldnt stop laughing about that. it was just a great show of how the lord really knows each and every one of us. for frank it was just someon knowing his name that would help him. for others its different things. but we are still blessed and shown that love daily.

ok for your questions:

1. it has been so much warmer over here and it is lovely! i just wear my north face jacket and i am golden. i am loving this warmness. hopefully it lasts...
2. i am getting packages whenever the zl go to the office so that is great. thank you to everyone!
3. already answered...
4. shoes are ok. i think today i will get some others.. hopefully. it would be great to get some others. i look pretty rubbish with my taped up boots.. haha
5. the ward like i said it great. they are all so welcoming, and we have a few da's every week which is awesome! i love getting to know all of these people and learning about them and their families.
6. we have seen the cathedral once, we went to some evening service.. but we hope to go on a tour in a few weeks. it is huge and amazing. i will get some pictures for you soon!
7. birthday like i said was great.. and i feel the same. just that i am not  teenager anymore. getting older..weird that we have no teenage girls in our family. how does that feel?
8. yeah they can totally write members. brevin could write to my pal josh mulliss who is almost 7. he thinks my name is jellyfish, but he said i am his best friend so thats cool. he would love to write brevin. and he loves hp.
9. 2 copies would be great of the ensign. one for me and one for my comp! you guys are the best. thank you for everything.
10. train travel is very different and sometimes you ride backwards which is crazy but it is a fun new way to get around so that is cool.

sorry that the emaily is a little less exciting this week, but next week will be good! i love you all loads and heaps! (english/scotish words). thank you for your testimonies and prayers and letters. i know that this church is true and i am so grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission. i love you and hope that you have a great week. dont forget that every member is a missionary and you can share your testimony with everyone. even and especially through your example!

sister j 

deer at burghely house (pride & prejudice)

happy bday to her!!:)

the district

with chloe finch