Monday, March 4, 2013

the real deal

J's first email in the "field".  She may look at her time in the EMTC as a bit of a mini-vacation at about this point in the experience:)  Great to hear from her as always!  It is amazing the amount of prayers you can offer up on behalf of a child in the span of a day!!  What a blessing!

 hey you kids,

it was so so good to hear from you today. it really made my whole week. and it is for sure something that you really look forward to as a missionary. especially in your first few days.. because wow. this is so different.
ok so on saturday morning we got up at 5:00 and had to leave the emtc by 6:30. myself, along with about 12 other missionaries got on a bus and drove two hours to sutton to the mission home. when we got there we were greeted by the ap's and president and sister rasmussen. they are so very nice. such a sweet couple. we had interviews and then sat chatting and i did get the valentines package while i was there so thank you! we then met with all of the missionaries and trainers where it was then decided where you would go and who you would serve with. i was assigned to the lincoln area with my trainer sister medvesck. she is from slovenia. and she is so nice. she actually reminds me a lot of taren. we are opening up the area for sisters. there are currently two elders here. elder taylor from idaho falls has been out a year this month, and elder watt from scotland has been out 7 and a half months. they are studs. since we are the new sisters they had to set up a whole new flat for us. so they spent saturday getting everything set up for us. which was so nice. we dont have beds.. just matresses.. or a mirror. so i sit on the floor in front of the oven door (its reflective) to get ready in the morning. i have also yet to get a blowdryer or straightner. so you can imagine how i look everyday..
that first night we did street contact a bit and got one potential. it is hard though because neither of us know the area and i dont have a bike yet. so maybe could you make sure i have enough in my account for that? just within the next week or so? thank you!
the ward here is incredible. they are so excited to finally have sisters in the area. and so many of the women and young women are already excited about going out to help us contact and find. the ward mission leader and missionaries are incredible. they are so willing to help and they have loads of ideas. it really is so awesome. we were very blessed because yesterday while we were at church, one of the girls in the ward (she is 15) has a "friend" who is interested in the church. he has come a few times with her and asked us if we could teach him this week. so that was sweet. we have a lesson with him tomorrow. i am really excited, but so nervous as well.
last night we, along with the elders, went over to the williams house to eat dinner. and wow.. they really do feed you so much and you have to eat it all. it was delicious but so much food.
mom.. we have yet to exercise here. this morning i got up at 6:30 while sister m was asleep a little longer.. so i just did some push ups and sit ups and lunges and such for awhile.. but i need to run. i am going to get chubby.. ha but she did tell me that every companion she has had, lost weight. so thats good.
great thing on saturday was that scott called me that night. it was so great. and i really cant wait to see him, because we are in the same zone. it will be awesome.
it is pretty cold here. the other day i wore socks under my tights.. super cute right?
i am pretty sure that i can only email you guys. i did shoot gma and gpa an email because they had sent me one, but here is the address to our flat.. Apartment 5, 64 birchwood avenue, lincoln, lincolshire, ln6 06d. so either send letters there or to the mission home. either would be great.
i cant believe that about the boys basketball team. that is so awesome!! ryguy will you tell them congrats for me, that is so incredible!! thank you for all of your notes and letters because it seriously helps so much. i love hearing about it all and about how you are doing. it makes my whole week.
mac dog good job on your volleyball tourney. that is great! and brevelina i am so impressed with your reading of harry potter. i think its the bomb dot com. keep reading. i tell everyone how awesome you all are. rossco keep being a bro because i think you are great.
i love you all and cant wait to hear from you again. thanks for all of your love and support and the support of everyone around. i am so blessed. and mom i love the spiritual thoughts. thank you for all you do for me! i sent you some letters last week so hopefully they come soon.

sister j egbert +-

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