Monday, March 25, 2013

it's getting better and better


Lunch at Foyre Square

At the mission home
 hi ya familia,

you guys rock. seriously. your email this week was stellar and i loved reading about how and what you all are doing. it is so awesome to see that you all are stilling loving life and enjoying the times you have. dont let go of that precious time with eachother.. and you can fake that im there by putting up a photo of me or something cool;)

for dads questions:
oh guys it is so cold here. and to walk around in it with no winter gear is rough. it has snowed almost everyday (ok only a few days really). but it is just way different then utah snow. everyone here has a panic when it snows.. its kind of funny actually. i like it though, it reminds me of the beehive state.
yes i will send more photos. you keep sending them as well. i love to see how you are all doing! they have been working well and i love to see them.
our investigators. ok so we had lea (the ex-con) and we taught him 2 weeks ago, and since then we have not been able to get in contact with him. we have been calling and calling him, and nothing. the one time that he did answer he said he was at the hospital and quickly hung up. we arent sure what was going on, but as we have continued to try to contact him we are unsuccessful. its weird.
we have another investigator by the name of john and he is great actually. i may have talked about him last week but our lesson with him this week was so much better. we were able to get a member with us. our ward mission leader. and that went very well. he seems to enjoy when we teach him, just he has a lot of questions about adam and eve. i dont know my bible super well so this has been good for me to learn more and to use these people that know it better then we do. we had a ward activity on friday (music extravaganza) and he came! i sat by him during the performances and he seemed to really enjoy them. i introduced him to the bishop and a few others as well. so hopefully we can get him to church soon. we told him that if he comes with us we will go with him to an evening at his church.. so maybe?
another investigator we have is steph. she is one that we "share" with the elders and she has been investigating for months. without any real progression lately. she is awesome though. she plays guitar and sings and she is so good. in her own band and everything. she wants us and the elders to switch off teaching her each week. so we will see how that goes.. as one team teaches, the other team is going to read with book of mormon with her one day. so hopefully it goes well.
we found 2 LA that we have been teaching. sue(40's) and katie(17). turns out that evan coats taught them when he was here serving. what a small world! when i told sue that he married my cousin she was thrilled. so evan sue says hi and she is so excited to hear that all is well with you and that you are a dad and everything! after teaching them the other night we got a text later and it was sue. she thanked us for coming and told us that they had gotten there scriptures out of the closet and had dusted them off. they had been spending a lot of time on mormon and <>  and they were excited to keep going. holy cow it was awesome! i was dancing around and was so pumped! we are seeing them tomorrow and next monday having an easter fhe with them.
last monday we had a miracle as well. we had gone to find a potential that the elders had told us about, but the address we had was wrong. so we decided to knock a few doors. the first door that we knocked a women came out and started to talk with us. she is scottish and is awesome. kelly is her name. she was telling us about the deaths in her family this past bit and how she loves to help and serve people. about half way through our conversation she stopped and said. this isn't even my house, my parents live here. let me give you my address and you can come visit with me at home. golden! that was sweet. we hope to go visit her sometime today or tomorrow.
we visit so many other members and recent converts. it is awesome and they are all so friendly and welcoming. yesterday sister medvescek skyped with her family, since it is mothers day in slovenia. as she skyped at the freeman's i talked with sister freeman for awhile. she is a gem. so sweet. i was talking about the hardships and since she served a mission as did her daughter and son she was able to just be so sweet to me. i loved talking with her and hearing about her experiences and how her mission has helped her in her life, and as being a mother. i cant wait to share these expereinces i am having now with my future family as well as you guys. i love that thought of the lives and people i can help.
obedience is good. i am working so hard to be exactly obedient, but it can be a challenge with the older missionaries who have been out longer. but i am striving for exactness so hard myself.
we did see the cathedral this week. it was incredible. for dinner the other night we went to a mass like service. it was so weird and i slept through a lot of it, but it was an incredible building. we are going to go back soon and see more and take pictures because well my camera died. sorry. but when i was looking at that building that was one of the first times that i really was like.. what the, i am in england. this is not america. but it was neat to see more of the town. its pretty sweet.
we have district meeting on wednesdays and we had zone meeting two weeks ago. this week we have zone meeting and interviews and then on friday we have to go to the office for a training meeting. i love getting together with the other missionaries. plus this week i should get my mail and packages and such so im pumped!
we are working on getting more contacts. like i said it is hard with riding bikes (i dont love bikes) but i am trying to talk to as many people as i can.
ha the biggest challenge for me really is the homesickness. but it is getting better. other than that really i just have a hard time thinking of what to say when someone opens their door. it can be so awkward.. but it is funny. we had a lady laugh at me and tell me how awkward it was! loved that.
there is one member that knows dennis and rebecca funk. i dont know them? but she gave me their address. 565 s and 120e? sister m says you can send some american chocolate.. like alveys maybe? american stuff..

i cant believe all of these people are getting their calls and leaving and such! that is awesome! i am pumped for all of them. good that you went to allisons farewell i am sure she did rocking! does she leave this week? and ry dog what the? i am sure that your talk was awesome though. you are a stud. and that grandma spoke at that conference. i love hearing her talk. she is awesome! (could i get her address?) thanks! i love that quote of hers as well mack dog. i have it in my preach my gospel so that i can always remember to help others, because that is what christ would do and that is what is most important. ryan good luck this week. you are going to be aweomse. just be the bro you are. love you kid. dad and mom the ward sound awesome. you guys are the ideal ysa parents. seriously such great people! dad you still will be there until..? some of my favorite scriptures this week were from romans 8. i love reading the words of the ancient prophets as well as modern day prophets. they teach us SO much. it is really amazing. i love feeling my saviors love as i read my scriptures and pray. you guys those are the most powerful tools that we have. pray and reading. do them daily and you will be blessed. you will feel so close to your savior and grow and become more like our father in heaven.
i am not 100 percent sure who i can email, so i just email you guys. and then write to others. it is awesome to get letters though! gold. i will send you letters this week and please send some. i love hearing from you all. brev, loved the story. and mack i like this joke idea. youre a genius. keep practicing your accent.

well i love you all so much and i think you all are incredible. your testimonies and prayers help me so much. and you are in my prayers daily. thank you for all that you do. this is an incredible work to be called to do. but it is not only for missionaries. everyone should daily work to teach others and share their testimonies of the gospel. we have been blessed with something that must be shared with the world. i love this church and the growth that we receive through it. i am so grateful for my savior and this easter week remember him and take some time to reflect on the things that he has done for us.

love you all one million sweddish fish!
sister j

ps: things that i think about. maybe could you send my tan backpack. (easier on a bike). and our music is getting so old. so if you think about it could you send some cds? (nashville tribute band, hilary weeks, disney, the lower lights?) and one thing they dont have here that i miss is wheat thins.. love those. and sweddish fish. haha:) if you send something soon. thanks!
if you think about it.. how is kenzie evans? what is she up to? and i was wondering if you could ask jessica mckenna, becky mckay, and jamie thomas about their experinces? i wonder about other sisters experiences? thank you! love you!    


  1. "What the, I am in England. This is not America."
    Hahaha! I love Jennifer!

  2. Hello Sister Egbert's family and friends!! I randomly found this blog the other day, thinking Sister Egbert looked like a 'blog girl' and I told her about it today, and how I was super shocked to not only find a blog, but to see a picture of myself when we were out at dinner one of her p-days! She told me to go ahead and chat to you guys, especially Mum (Mom) Sherry?? Hopefully I remembered that correctly! Anyway, my name is Natasha, We love Sister Egbert here, she is so fun to have in the ward. I literally want her to stay in Lincoln her whole mission, she is amazing as is Sister M, her companion. Both awesome missionaries. Anyway, I don't have facebook, but a reply to this should go straight to my email. Sister Egbert sends her love all the way from England! Hope to talk soon!