Tuesday, March 12, 2013

first full week in Lincoln

She is getting her wish to ride a bike:)  I think she may rethink that desire shortly!.....


ok so basically monday is the best day of the week because i get to hear from all of you. this is what missionaries, especially me, live for. i love to hear about what you are doing and loving.
brevalina: you finished the 5th harry potter!!! what the genius? that is awesome dude! are you loving the next one? that is super impressive. tell me about your dreams and your favorite part of the week!
kenken: whoop whoop for winning church ball! that is pretty sweet, i am impressed. and this week you have volleyball.. bump set spike it baby! how is school and math? i want to hear about it. and yes i would love a real letter.
rossco: thank you for the post about nothing... how is track? girls? you are almost 16. what do you want from england? good luck being a munchkin.
dani and ben: thank you for your email. i will get back to you guys soon. love you both and am so grateful for your love. tell tanner congrats! that is awesome! and allison good luck! she will do incredible! i am excited for her! do you know is tory whitaker got her call? and if liza is engaged?
kace: read email..:)
dads ?'s:
1. our church is super close to our flat. just about a five minute walk which is awesome for us.
2. it is an apt building. it is red and right next to a chinese restaurant.. if that helps at all.
3. for now i am borrowing one of the elders bikes, elder taylor from idaho, because they use the bus. but i did get a blow dryer. and a straightener. but even if i do my hair.. the humidity makes it hermionie grangerish..
4. the ward here is awesome. we have about 150 active members, but so spread out. it is nothing like utah. so it can be hard to get to everyone or to get everyone there. but we are able to visit with a lot of the members. one of my favorite families are the freeman's. sister freeman is the relief society president and brother freeman is a ward missionary. they both served missions. sister to canada and brother to ogden ut! their daughter also served in temple square. and their son matt just came home 8 months ago from london south and he is the ward mission leader. the ward missionaries are awesome! super focused and want to help and do word. they are great helps as well as great friends.
5. we have taught one lesson to a man named lea. he was a referral from headquarters who wanted a 'finding faith in christ dvd.' he just was released from prision and is really interested in the church. he read part of the book of mormon while in prison and was interested. that lesson was hard though because he is living on the street right now and brought  friend along that was rude the whole time. he was very irreverent and disrespectful. that was hard. but we are teaching him again this week. he lives in a town called newark-on-trent. which is a thirty minute bike ride and then a thirty minute train ride away.
6. the food is pretty good. just like america but without the salt that we use. we dont get very many da's. so we eat sandwiches and yogurt. and they have this stuff here that comes in a yogurt tin that is rice pudding! i love that!! they have a bunch of different flavors too.
7. i have no clue about the ocean. i want to see it though. i think it is in the boston area. which is where the dl are.
8. the elders live in town center. so they take that and all of the villages above town. then we have from birchwood into the lower villages. everything is really spread out so it is hard to go everywhere. but we get a lot of bike riding in.
9. we do write weekly letters to president. i will be sure to tell him the good and the bad. because that is what a mission is. a lot of good, followed by challenges. but it always comes around and we are helped and loved.
10. i haven't gotten a coat or shoes yet, just a helmet and bike lock. but hopefully i will this week because we got some snow this morning and it is rather cold. but it'll be good. thank you. if you come to england i would love that. you have no idea how i just crave a family hug.

mom: i agree. i am so ready for spring too. it is so cold to ride a bike around in the snow and rain and in a coat and all that good stuff. but hey at least i get exercise right? it would be nice to have a car because the area is so big, but we get around. and freeze. that is awesome to have sisters in the area. they will be so grateful that you are driving them. what an awesome mom i have and i can share with them because sometimes you just need a mom. especially when yours is halfway across the world. i really miss you, and need a mom hug at times. so that is really challenging.
i love that you talk with all of those fun people and get to tell them hello for me. about letters. you can definitely send those to our flat, it actually would be better because then we get them quicker. and then packages to the mission office. thank you for the packages that you send. i cant wait to get them.
i am sure that meghan did so awesome in her talk. she is going to rock. if you can get me her adress that would be great! i love that story that she shared. that reminds me of something that ethan shared with me the first week i was here. and that is something that i have desired for since i have been here. but i know that you all are there and love me. thank you for all of your support.
isaac reese. what a stud. he is going to do so awesome! thanks for the update on him.
and so cool that you and mac could do that family history together. i love that. keep working hard at it and sharing your knowledge. you are an incredible mother and i am so blessed to have you in my life. thank you! and for all of your uplifting quotes and thoughts. this really has been the hardest think i have ever done, especially being away from family. but to know what great support i have in family and friends helps so much. i am beyond blessed.
this church is true and i am so grateful for the opportunity that i have to be a representative of it. and to learn and grow close to my heavenly father. it is really hard, no one prepares you for the emotions. but i think of a quote that was said the other day in ward mission training. "what christ did was hard, but he did it because he loves us. if he could do it, we can do it. how else can we represent him?" i know that i have christ on my side. he is my constant guide and help. and through your prayers and love his presence grows stronger to help lift me. especially at my lowest times. i love Him and am so grateful for Him. the book of mormon is incredible. read it everyday. (ryan how is the 30 day reading?) thank you so much for all you do for me and the love that you show me daily. i am so blessed. i love you all more then you know!

love, seester j

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