Monday, March 18, 2013

awesome is the word of the week

 to the best family.. eva.

this week i decided to tell you about the week and then i'll answer questions and such.

our week in lincoln was pretty good. it just is still kind of slow. trying to figure the area out and get to know the members. we had a return appointment with a women name helena who is a potential from awhile ago. she seemed interested but when we went back she didnt answer the door, and we have tried again a few times.. but still nothing. i was prompted to put a family proclamation through her mail slot.. so we will see what happens. it was a cool expereince to have.

our washing machine has had some issues working so we have the sweetest lady in the ward, sister fletcher, who did our laundry for us one day. she was so nice and it is such a blessing to have these incredible ward members. they are all studs. and studets..:)

wednesday we had a zone meeting in nottingham. one of the sisters in the ward, katie priestly, is a recently returned missionary. she served in london south and is absolutely awesome! she drove us and the elders to that meeting and stayed with us as well. they have tiny cars here so its always the elders and i smashed in the back seat, but we make it fun anyway. it was AWESOME to see scott, elder call sorry. but it was sweet! it is so nice to have a family member that i can see and talk to quite often. we call eachother a few times a week just to chat and he is so helpful to me. it is awesome. i also had the opportunity of giving a short thought on our purpose as missionaries, with a focus on inviting. that was a fun experience. you learn so much as you study each morning and get to know the lord better through that as well. our zone is awesome. we have about 20 or so missionaries in our zone. six of which are sisters. its awesome.

after we came home from that meeting sister m and i went out finding. i had wanted to tract a street, almond av. everytime we biked past it i was drawn there. (biking isnt too bad. i just wear my rain jacket and then my coat. my hood and then my helmet. with my running tights, socks, and my rain boots. dorky to the Xtreme. but its awesome. i keep warm and semi modest. the thick tights help.) anyway we were on these roads and as we were walking sister m and i, at the same time said, lets knock 59.. it was crazy. so of course we knocked. but there was no answer to our dismay. but we then wrote the first vision on a pass along card with a note and our number. who knows what will happen. but it was a neat experience. we also met a man on the road who asked. "mormons right? like donny osmond?" mom i immediately thought of you. it was awesome!

thursday we had the chance to go to newark to teach our ex-con investigator lea. it was much better lesson. a member of the bishopric brother mulliss came with us and that really helped. i was able to invite him to be baptized.. and he accepted. he also committed to come to church. but then we could never get ahold of him to have him there. we will keep working on him. but he is solid. just wants to do what is right. we also went to dinner at the richard and heather mulliss's. they are awesome. they have 5 kids. one girl and 4 boys. the oldest is 12. they are like us. and their kids and i are pals. it is so fun to go to there home and sister mulliss is awesome. she is so sweet and texted us yesterday to let us know we can call her with anything. she is like you mom. and it is so appreciated when you have great examples like that in the ward to help you. like i know you are helping those sisters. so awesome.

we found some other potentials this week and are pumped to try by them again. it is so fun to find people that are interested. we had an exchange with sisters forbes (scotland) and carson (utah). they are sweet!! it was so fun to be around other missionaries and to see how they work. it is a blessing that we have. usually sisters only do one exchange a transfer but these girls called today to tell us president said we could do one more before sister carson leaves!! we are pumped!

we have another investigator named john who knows the bible backwards and forwards. he gives us lots of grief and is hard to teach. but keeps inviting us back. we are going to take our ward mission leader with us this next time to help with that. so hopefully it will be better.

i got a ukulele!! and ryan i was wondering if you could send me some church songs that are ukulele music. i really want to learn more. yes i am going to be one of those missionaries. haha but it will be fun.

last night we ate dinner with a family, the finch's. they are awesome. they have been to utah so we talked a lot about that. and they have a daughter, chloe, who is leaving to london south in 2 months. she came our finding with us last night and it was so fun! she is going to stay with us for a week before she goes just to see what it is like. it will be awesome! she is a sweetheart.

we are excited for this week to find more of the elect that the lord is preparing for us. the ward is awesome and we are so blessed here. i love missionary work. it is hard at times and overwhelming to see the amount of people that you need to share the gospel with, but it is a very rewarding work. no matter who you help or in what way.. youare representing christ and as long as they see that good example and see that light you exude.. you will be helping advance his work. i love it.

ryan sounds like track is great. please send some post. i cant wait. to hear about you bro. dak and brev. send a letter please! i hope brev is better and mac awesome with vball. you rock babe. i got a birthday card this week from the tuellers. they are so sweet! i will get a letter to them soon, but thank them for me! mom did you chat with edog this week at all? what a stud.

that is awesome for brenna and t whit. i cant wait for them. that is sweet. tell them congrats for me and to prepare hard! they will be awesome!!:) mom i love that you helped those sweet sisters. i am sure that they were so grateful for your help and service and friendship. i love that you are helping them. keep it up. feed them. its awesome. but not to much. missionaries really cant eat that much. how big is their area do you know?

yes i would love to receive 30 minute work outs. all i have been doing is sit ups and push ups. its rough.. i cant get chubby.. also if you could send some ensigns? we have none except the one ryan gave me. and my recipe book. i forgot that. just in the next thing you send will be fine. dad or ry. i am interested in the news and what is going on with nuclear situations? i have heard bits and pieces. but i am curious. and i have an idea where if you wanted to send me the weekly weather for here thatd be sweet. yes i am a nerd and i miss the newspaper.
aweome for karli and zach!! i am so excited for them!! that is seriously so great!

1. food. we eat yogurt and bread and ceral. we dont cook much because there isnt much time. i have had some egg burritos. love those. but we are fed maybe 3 times a week.
2. biking is good.. just funny and slightly imodest.
3. i cant wait for it to be warm and sunny. it is to hard to wear a coat and gloves and hat. and to be outside all the time its cold. its to cloudy to. i cant wait for sun.
4. scott is awesome. love to see him. he is a bro. our elders love him. they are hopeing to come up here next pday. itd be sweet.
5. shoes are good. my boots have a crack. thank you super glue. i'll get some more today maybe,
6. there are only 3 sister areas that have a car.. so most likely not. but i would love if we could. we could go to a lot more places.
7. there are 30ish sisters now and we get 8 or 9 this next transfer and the same for the next. it is growing.
8. our typical day is 6:30ish (i always feel bad even if i am a few minutes late) wake up. go do some push ups and sits ups.. shower get ready. 8-11 study. and then we head out to visit members, find, potentials, really all sorts of stuff. i cant even remember what we did that day sometimes. it all jumbles together.
9. i dont know much history of lincoln yet sorry. there is a musem.. and i am pumped to go. and a huge cathedral and a castle!!
10. we see the elders almost everyday, or call them a few times a day. they really are awesome. just  couple of goof balls its sweet! the dl and zl just once a week. we call though the dl everyday. elder rowe. he is a bro. but our zl's are awesome.

i seriously love you all so much! i miss you everyday but look forward to your letters and emails. letters dont come often.. but send them to lincoln. i want to hear from you. they are like gold. tell people to write.. haha:) they take about 4 days to get here.
 but this church is true. we have an icredible work to do not only as missionaries, but as members. never forget to be a positive and happy example. happiness is the only thing that grows as it is shared. i love you and cant wait to hear from you!
love, seester j

 Here are some photos she sent.....

                                        a village called wellingore

                                               their first floggage (whatever that is....)

                                                            on exchange


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