Wednesday, February 27, 2013

we love email day!

Our second and final email from the EMTC.  Funny how much I love Wednesdays now!!:)  I am sure that I will start to love Mondays too!


How his is by far my favorite day of the week.. ok i seriously just love hearing from you all. i can't write you all back sorry, but i love you all and love to hear about how you are doing. if you want.. you shoul write me letters by post and then i can write you your own personal letter back? i did get ethans letter on saturday and boy.. it was so so great. getting letters in the mtc is gold, and letters from loved ones is even better!!  i would love to hear from you all and please keep adding on to mom's emails as well. i miss you all and love you s much.
the mtc is great. its kind of like being in a little bubble, but i am so excited to get out into he field and get working. this week my companionship was turned into a tri-panionship. sister kline from canada was in the provo mtc for a week because of visa problems. she is adorable. she played basketball and ran in high school and so we are getting along great. mom running along the leeds to liverpool river is s great. its like trail running, but no hills. i do miss the pavement though.
so mostly uor days here at the mtc consist of classroom time, practicing teaching, and eating. and hanging out. it is a lot more chill then the provo mtc i have heard and we have all become really good friends. the things that i have learned have been great though. but this is the hardest thing i have ever done. but i am enjoying it! thursday we went street finding in manchest picadilly. and again yesterday. that was hard, but cool to learn how to find people and learn what to say. we spoke with a muslim women with a five year old and a one year old. yes i just talked to the kids and we quickly became friends.
being the coordinating sister is good. it is basicaly just like being a regular sister missionary, but i conduct meetings sometimes. it is so fun to get to know the girls.. and especially my roommates. it is such a blessing the girls i was put with. we are all so much alike and have so many spiritual experiences and learned from eachother.
another big deal this past monday was.... elder holland came and spoke to us. nbd.. ok a BD!! holy cow it was s neat. i was blessed with the opportunity to play the piano for the opening hymn. as he walked in he thanked me and then sat down. one district sang the efy medley and at the end we all joined in. wow that was so powerful. and then we heard from elder donaldson an keran of the 70 before elder holland. but when he spoke he seriously stared into my soul. i was able to sit on the front. but everything that he said was exactly what i needed to hear. he is incredible and the spirit of that meeting was unlike anything else. afterwards he shook all of our hands. i was one of the last  go becuase i was still playing. (our district sang come thou fount with a sister singing part in french) then when i shook his hand he shook it and then went for a bro shake almost into a back tap. (does that make sense?) the funniest part of that is that everyone here thinks/knows im a bro because i play sports and run and such. then we chatted about smithfield and how he drove through there on his way t preston a few weeks ago. wow what a blessing to meet him. that was an experience that i wil never forget.
well i have a whole list of things to ask you / tell you... but a few quickly..
how is liza b? engaged? and kelsey p? did t whit get her call?
i found out that i snore... and talk in my sleep.. semi embarrassing.
there is an elder here from tawain. elder wu. he has the same personality as melei. love that. he is hilarious.
a teacher here sister willis served wih jamie thomas.
mom or ryan i would love some conversion factors for here.. kcal-calories, degrees: c-f, kg-lbs, anyothers?
i think that i need a more water proof coat. mine is the jcpenny one and not one bit water proof... i don't know for sure what to do?
and some black shoes.. i think i need better ones.
and dani.. do you remember the abs from the rec center wall?

sorry i am out of time and have so much more to say. i might just write a letter. i love you all so much and am seriously so grateful to have such great family an friends. when people look at my photos they are blown away. yeah my family is a bd. love you al so much! thank you for your love and support.
the chuch is s incredible. and the book of mormon is something that i have been clinging to, read it. it will change your life.

love, sister j

She also sent a few photos.... 

                         J and her companions

                       The Preston Temple

 Sister J with Elder Brown (he reminds her of Ryan and Ethan mixed)

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