Thursday, February 21, 2013

our first official email!!!

We received our first official email from Sister J on Wednesday.  It was so great to hear from her!!...

It was so so good to hear from you! I love hearing about what eveyone is doing and how they are loving school and their sports. Brev and Ken, sorry about basketball being over... but another basketball league and soccer should be soo fun! Please send me some photos when you can, like in a letter so I can keep them with me. Ryan... you are the bomb dot com with quiditch club.. i love that. my friend sister clegg wants to marry you, ok?

ok so he travel comin over. our flight in chicago made it an hour out before they decided that we were having mechanical problems.. so we flew back to chicago. where the flight was cancled and we had to find another flight. thank goodness for sister clifford, she knows katie perkes really well, she is heading to finland from the mtc and knew what she was doing flight wise. she was able to find a flight to london and then to manchester. once we got to london, which the airport is HUGE, we had an eight hour layover. however our boarding passes had something special on them and we were able to get into the business lounge. it was sweet. free food. free showers. comfy chairs. it was lovely. while on this long long flight i became really good friends with sister clegg. she is great. 20. from kaysville. and basically we are the same person. we seriously had so much fun exploring the airport and loving being in the same clothes for hours... excpet not that part. we flew over with about 17 other missionaries. all going to either birmingham or scotland/ireland. our flight to manchester was only 45 minutes. it was ok. but we were soooo very tired. we got to the mtc at around 10:30 and emailed and then went straight to bed. then next morning we had orientation with the mtc president, president edwards. he and his wife are incredible. they served as mission presidents in zimbabwe and he was a member of the 70. then there is president and sister durkin. also awesome. they assigned dl's and our zl plus the coordinating sister. our dl is elder lapi from albania. he is a 24 year old convert and has such a testimony. our zl is elder brown that we met at the airport. ryan he is you. seriously he is like a little brother to me because he  reminds me so much of you. but he also has ethan's personality. so basically great! haha and then i was called as the coordinating sister. what a blessing for me to be able to serve and to learn from these sisters. i love them all? (there ar about 40 missionaries here. almost half and half. a few more elders though)

my companion is sister koons from famington. she went to viewmont. graduated last year. she is hilarious. she is always singing and laughing. she is a hoot. the other girls that room with us are sister clegg and sister dixon, from arizona. they are serisouly so fun and funny. we have a great time 24/7. gotta love the amount of time spent together.

we have been learning so so much and sometimes it feels like an overload of information. but it is all great stuff! i love learning about how i can help others and share my tesimony with them. it is such a blessing to me. my teachers are great. sister binnie and brother hotchkiss. both served in london south. sister binnie and i have become good friends, she actually told me that i reminded her of a boy that she served with. its fine.. im a bro..:) haha but it really is all so great!

i have loved the experiences i have had so far and this time i have to learn about my savior. today we attended the temple. it is a beautiful temple. holy cow. but it was such an incredible experience to be surrounded by other missionaries in the temple. i love the peace that i can feel there.
thank you all for your prayers and love. keep close to your heavenly father by reading and praying daily. love you all!

love, sister egbert 

Here are some more photos posted to the album sent from the MTC......

In this first one she is with some of the missionaries in her district, the Ammon District.

In these next three pictures they are doing some street contacting.  Notice how very intense and animated she is!:)  Totally Jennifer!!!



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  1. She looks happy and adorable! So glad she's in the same time zone as Elder Call!