Monday, January 28, 2013

the call.

in the saturday session of the october 2012 general conference, president thomas s. monson made an announcement that changed the lives of many people. the missionary age for boys and girls was changed. boys can now serve at age 18 while for girls the age is now 19. when i heard this announcement i honestly didn't think much of it. i thought it was an awesome opportunity for those girls who had wanted to serve their whole lives, but i had always thought that if i reached 21 i would then decide if it was right for me. however, in the days and weeks following that saturday i thought more and more about serving. i was able to begin my papers the next week and get them turned in by the end of october. it was such a blessing for me to get my papers done so quickly. during the process of finishing my papers i had so much encouragement from family and friends, especially that of recently returned missionaries. their examples and experiences greatly influenced my decision to serve. i am so grateful for those that helped me along my way.
on november 14, 2012 i received my mission call in the mail. we planned to open it later on in the day, at a time when we could skype my oldest sister who lives in salt lake, and my dad who was on a business trip in germany. when the time came to open the call, i was beyond nervous. but, as i opened that envelop to find out my area i was filled with peace. i was called to serve in the england birmingham mission. 
to be called to serve in england is incredible, not only because i have family that came from england. but, my closest cousin has been serving in that exact mission since june 2012. he is 9 days older than me and we have always been so close. we are both so excited to be serving in the same area, it will be so fun to see him soon. 
to have the opportunity to serve as a missionary for the church of jesus christ of later day saints, especially at such a young age is such a blessing. i am nervous to start this new stage of my life, it is going to unlike anything i have ever done. i am so excited to go out and serve though, this is the chance of a lifetime. i love my savior and to have the opportunity to share that with the people of england will be great. 

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